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Looking for the Jet Set Life Style.

Photography by Laura Jochim

Walls draped with heavy velvet, a ceiling made of lampshades with LED’s threaded in them, over priced drinks, and a perfect sound system that apologizes for anything that else I might not like.  Mr. West is for dancing it up and anyone not on the floor is shaken it from the walls to top forties songs that everyone has heard before, but not quite like this. Then again we’re only here for the jet set life style…

The mixing is fantastic, inspiring nostalgic dance moves and fist pumping with daft punk classics and classic rock classics from Journey.  Don’t give me that look, you know you love Journey.  You can’t help but sing along when Steve Perry shouts about that small town girl living in a lonely world and neither can anyone else in the club.  I follow a bottle of champagne garnished with a sparkler being hoisted throw the crowd by a long legged beauty indifferent to the mob of revelers.

Riddle me this, how many glasses of vodka does it take to keep a scallywag happy?  The answer? None, just give me the bottle. If you have ever seen the way a bottle-serviced table is guarded by its owners, their little slice of celebrity and social status for the evening, their Saturday night timeshare, it’s because of people like me.

Charming villains that we are, “How about a magic trick? I’m going to make this bottle of Grey Goose disappear!”

They lean in close.

“Nothing up my sleeve….Nothing in my wallet…”

And before they know it…

“TA DA!”

It has mysteriously evaporated into my stomach! There are oo’s and there are aah’s.

“Wanna see me do it again?” Order another bottle.

Vexed, perplexed, and hexed into submission. Who is running this show?  I should probably find out.

Joey Rubin of Taste http://www.thetastecrew.com/, a production company/boutique started with his friend DJ Equal three years ago that specializes in throwing corporate, private, and fashion events has teamed up DJ Equal and DJ Morse Code for a coast to coast monthly party appropriately titled “Jetset”. I’m standing near the DJ Booth with a very empty glass and Equal saves the day by filling up my tank.  It’s not the best time for questions, but they need to be asked.

SCV: So how did this come about?

EQUAL: The idea was a result of the desire to continue working and doing parties together. Morse Code is managed by Deckstar (DJ AM’s company, Los Angeles based) and I am managed by True Talent Artist Management, a new, New York based agency. They both keep us busy but we wanted to make sure we were going to continue playing parties together so we hit up some of the clubs we work with regularly and asked if they were down to host the party on a monthly basis in NY and LA and we called it JETSET.