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Looking for the Jet Set Life Style.


SCV: But why have you called it “JETSET”? Is it just your personal traveling from coast to coast or do you hope to the international free spenders who embody the name?

EQUAL: Because it sounds fucking cool! JETSET just embodies what we are doing and what we will continue to do. Coming up with a great name for a party is not easy but not only does JETSET really describe the nature of the party, but it’s also an inspiration to keep it up!

SCV: Since you’ve started, what do you like most about the coast to coast lifestyle?

EQUAL: Although we have been playing shows together for a long time, this is only the 2nd month of official JETSET party so I gotta say the best part for me is getting some California sun! And I know Morse Code loves getting the chance to be in NYC once a month.

SCV: Where did you meet?

EQUAL: We met at a fashion trade show called United, before we met our mutual friends @ Free Gold Watch http://www.freegoldwatch.com/ suggested that we meet.

SCV: And what do you like most about working with each other?

EQUAL: It’s always fun to DJ with someone else, and in our case we also get along really well. I love DJing w Morse cause he is just a beast on the turntables and has an amazing knowledge of music that I get to learn from. Hopefully he feels the same way about working with me haha.

SCV: Flying and traveling like you do, what’s the best and worse of it all?

EQUAL: My favorite part about traveling is just venturing into the unknown. I mean for the most part I know what I am going to be doing when I travel, but there are always so many interesting random things that happen, people you meet, places you see, foods you eat etc along the way. Especially in places that are a little smaller, locals are usually so excited to show you their most prized part of town etc. The worst part is the unavoidable waiting, unavoidable damage to the body, but really the positives out weigh the negatives by so much! 

SCV: You guys are throwing fun parties for the two best cities here, but do you know what the next great party destination is on this planet besides Ibiza?  As jetsetters I ask you this.

EQUAL: I don’t know yet but we will let you know when we are 100% sure 

SCV: So when can we expect a CD?

EQUAL: The official JETSET mix cd has a tentative release date for mid march to be available in CD form at Winter Music Conference in Miami. The best way to find it is to be checking and www.myspace.com/djequal www.myspace.com/deejaymorsecode

SCV: And when you’re traveling, what is always with you?

EQUAL: Everything is always with me on my carry on! I never check bags! But I always have snacks, water, emergen-c, gum, ipod, books to read, camera, all my dj isht, inflatable neck pillow, pen, cd’s to giveaway to cute girls on the plane, ya know, stuff like that

SCV: Emergen-C is good stuff but I have a secret loathing for the inflatable neck pillow just like luggage with wheels. Any plans for Europe?

EQUAL: JETSET Europe is going down early may! Definitely, going to be back in Scandinavia, and other areas too check our myspaces for more details.

SCV: So where do you want to take this?  Where is it going? And what do you like most about spinning?

EQUAL: We just want to keep building the party, keep building our individual careers as musicians and DJs and keep working hard. we are so thankful and humbled by the line of work we are able to be a part of and live off of.  My favorite thing about DJing is just making people dance. 

They seem to be doing a damn fine job of it. As DJ Morse Code pumps out a slick remix of the Outfield’s one hit wonder that begs, “I don’t wanna lose your love!” The crowd shouts back, “TONIIIIGHT! I’m dancing with a girl who’s just a little bit older and forgetting all about the vacationing Josie who’s missing one hell of a party.