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At the Gates: If only I could find a way to take the Chandeliers Home…

Photography by Sameeh Alderazi.

There’s an adage in show business that goes something like this “everyone wants to be a star but the truth is how badly do they want to be a star?” Well if anyone turned up to last night’s inaugural Scallywag and Vagabond fete co hosted with the demure siren Annabel Vartanian at The Gates the answer to the question would be – ‘quite badly.’

Scouring the scene there was no shortage of talent, okay let’s be precise- photogenic talent. It seemed everyone was a star, knew a star, occasionally thought about stars and even knew a couple here or there. Fortunately for us the allure of wonderful company, actresses from Zurich and dandy boys from London we were in no shortage of fine talent. Of course this Scallywag was made to wonder when an editor from a high profile magazine asked in earnest upon being introduced to her if I was a porn star?

Such nonchalance….


Making my way to Annabel Vartanian who I had never met in person but only read about (apparently the tabloids have labeled her as an actress/model/socialite about town…) I kindly introduced myself as a member of the press myself. She must have looked at me for a good while before finally extending her hand.

That said, I was able to assuage her that I was nice press, (whatever the word nice means) and from what I understood a ‘porn star,’ look alike. She must’ve looked at me a while longer before excusing herself to receive the many guests who were now beginning to double kiss her.

From there I too proceeded at the behest of David Atias our maitre d (and owner) to our table where I sat down and began the usual proceedings of drinking on the job. Fortunately for me our publicist Sonia Anand was at hand and able to offer me a myriad of vodka concoctions, all which were well received.


As we danced, wondered out aloud if we could smoke in the winter chatelet look alike (we kid you not), we momentarily inquired whether the chandeliers were up for sale. Such decorative appeal it must be said never escapes my attention. Unfortunately no one took me seriously when we asked if the chandeliers were up for sale.




  1. Also confused with possible involvement in the adult film industry, I feel as you did. Must be our calm yet alert writers vibe, perky chill folks like ourselves can confuse.

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