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Victoria and David Beckham- Is it a very good idea to make lots of money when you are exceptionally photogenic?


tagteam-sexy-becksiesPhotogenic adventures in Los Angeles…

After careful consideration we think David and Victoria Beckham made the right decision in leaving dowdy England to come over to America and exploit America’s fascination with exceptionally photogenic people.

This week found us giggling, and almost embarrassed (but not quite) at the sight of Posh and Toss (you might have to be English to understand the humor of that one…) in their Giorgio Armani undies collecting nice bounty money from Giorgio as the Beckhams give you the ultimate photogenic fantasy that you have been craving ever since you woke up this morning.

Either way, we’re sure the trend will persist and in a matter of years there’ll be more photogenic couples from the European third world landing in America, nay Los Angeles to take advantage of the things you crave when you scratch your balls in the morning…

Life in the fast and increasingly faster lane of America.

Tagteam Sexy Becksies

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    Photogenic is fleeting; stupid is forever.