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Larry King wants to find out if Michael Jackson was a human being or an android?


larry-king-mug-shotMicro analyzing the idiosyncrasies that Larry hasn’t been able to figure out yet…

Last night’s episode on Larry King Live (7-8-09) where Larry sat down with Michael’s dermatologist was one of the more bizarre experiences we’ve seen on TV lately.

From whether Michael was intelligent, photogenic, a recluse, infatuated with his face, a fan of Peter Pan and the (well at least to us..,.) the offspring of a well intentioned android from outer space who was addicted to plastic surgery and besides an innate dis-satisfaction with his nose but who was nevertheless generally loved most of the time by other human beings.

In any event Dr. Klein thoroughly entertained us with his attempts to wonder out aloud if Debbie Rowe ever had a physical relationship with Michael and his wonderful attempts to get Larry off his back when Larry asked if Dr. Klein was in fact the biological father of Michael’s kids.

All in all one of the most bizarre and intensely belligerent interviews we have seen in years.

Be careful of the aliens Larry…

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  • I wonder if it was the aliens too that have Michael’s body….