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Why weren’t the Super Models at the Met Gala last night?


modelings-big-3Is there something wrong when society can’t get it’s supermodels to come out and Party?

Last night was the official beginning of the Spring Gala and ‘be seen’circuit. Of course as we all know (so we’ve been told) a party isn’t really a party (can you imagine?) unless you have the requisite supermodels come along.

The NY Post certainly feels this way as it was questioning why only one super model –Kate Moss was present at Anna Wintour’s annual bash last night. Missing were the big three- Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell. Theory has it they were somehow slighted, out of town (always the best excuse I’ve found) or possibly just not interested.

Fortunately there were other models there to attend the festivities( B grade you know…). Although one has to wonder when’s a party really a party if you can’t pull in more than the requisite super model?

Just give us the grog next time…or at least just more of it.


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