Marina Krim reveals how her life became shattered..


Marina Krim whilst attending a charity event this past Saturday in the honor of her late children, Lulu and Leo Krim spoke of the heartfelt grief she has had to endure since the slaying of her two children at the hands of her former nanny, Yoselyn Ortega. At the time the double murders of the […]

Video: Queens subway murder. Man pushed to his death by mystery woman.

Queens subway murder.

Erica Menendez. Judge demands that she stop laughing at her. Erica Menendez, Queens subway murder pusher is charged with hate crime. Hates muslims! Busted! Queens subway murder pusher arrested. Homeless mad woman… Sunando Sen identified as man pushed to his death on Queens subway. Had just opened his own business. Tuesday evening saw the untimely […]

Victoria’s Secret: And these were the hawt bixches that turned up to the after party…

Victoria's Secret after party

  Video: Victoria’s Secret fashion show 2012 leads to Rihanna, Miranda Kerr and Alexandra Ambrosio shining. Rihanna reckons she was the real star of Victoria’s Secret Fashion show… Has Victoria’s Secret supermodel Candice Swanepoel gone too far with her new abs instagram picture? Oh really? Are you a hawt bixch too? It seems there’s no […]

Purple Magazine and 12.29 Perfume. The usual hawt bixches turned up.

Purple Magazine and 12.29 Perfume party.

NSFW: Fashion porn of naked hipsters via Purple magazine courtesy of Terry Richardson. Purple Mag threw another lavish party at the Boom Boom Room for all you beautiful types last night. Who was there to capture the scene (cause I resent fashion work as I am too bloody over worked) was hawt bixch extraordinaire Ricardo […]

Empire State building shooting. Commentators react as gun law debate ignites.


Video: Graphic last moments of Jeffrey Johnson’s life. Blood on the gutter. Jeffrey Johnson, Empire building shooting was an artist too. Bizarre surreal illustrations. Jeffrey Johnson and Steven Ercolino had a history of harassment actions against each other. Jeffrey Johnson, Empire State building shooter was a lonely man who had no visitors and wore a […]

William Powhida in A Tale of Three Covers

William Powhida, How the New Museum Committed Suicide with Banality, cover art, Brooklyn Rail, November 2009 (For a larger, more legible image, click here.) ———————- December 26, 2009. The Brooklyn Rail, founded in 1998, is a scrappy, independent cultural/political broadsheet that covers issues in Brooklyn’s waterfront neighborhoods (Williamsburg, Greenpoint, DUMBO, Red Hook) from a politically […]

The etiquette of walking- a primer for the uninitiated.


What a lovely day it is. No humidity. Not a cloud in the sky. A nice cool fifteen-degree breeze. Let’s not fret over this. No problem ma’am, I’ll just walk around you. It’s so courteous of people to step aside when they sense they’re holding up walking traffic. Especially since I’m really running late. Times […]

News reporters that smoke crack are only slightly more jittery than non smoking crack journalists.


A Braver type of journalist has arrived in America. From Gawker comes an interesting tale of the brave new world of journalism: Former North Carolina TV newsman Jon Robinson is more interesting than most TV newsmen: “What I really wanted to say [on air] is, ‘I shot heroin last night and smoked crack and watched […]

Paul Sevigny’s new Coke Den- Beatrice 2- is set to reopen.


Just in time for the Holiday binging that we now you all like to partake in is the announcement that uber dj and club owner and anointed heart throb of the bobo’s (bohemian bourgeoisie just in case you are not one…) Paul Sevigny has come up with a new fab venue for you to all […]

Brittany Murphy’s Death sets the paparazzi off.


A minute must have passed before TMZ were next to Brittany Murphy’s death bed analyzing ‘exactly’ what had led to her death and what her death meant for America and by implication whether her recent lapse in work professionalism was tied to the possible bogey man called ‘drug addiction’ that has seen a number of […]

Lilo Getting Fired at Fashion House Ungaro.


When fashion executives wake up and smell the coffee. According to gutter/trash journal the NY Post fashion house Ungaro chairman Asim Abdullah is fighting to remove the gutter celebrity that his cohort CEO Mounir Moufarrige brought to the fold back in September. Thoroughly ridiculed and thrashed, Ungaro has been gripped in a downward spiral of […]