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Did you get into Vito Schnabel Aby Rosen’s Bowery exhibition?


It seems the real art this weekend at the newly opened First Show/Last Show as curated by model chaser, Vito Schnabel and Aby Rosen’s new 190 Bowery building was the adroit skill of ‘getting in’ to see the art. The art itself naturally was second fiddle, cause what really mattered was if you were cool […]

Shepard Fairey admits the obvious: NYC artists can’t afford to live here anymore, fleeing to Los Angeles


It might come as a tinge of irony and cynicism but million dollar street artist Shephard Fairey has come out to tell that NYC artists can no longer afford to live and work in NYC. Ironic because Shephard Fairey has long ceased to be a struggling artist and these days commands figures well into the […]

Jen Davis, overweight woman who spent 11 years loving her body hates herself…


Jen Davis, an overweight woman who spent 11 years documenting and loving her body has in the end come to an awareness that her attempts at self love were only guided towards the camera and not that in real life. During the time the photographer took to self portraitures, Davis sought to explore her own […]

Joon-Hyung Lee, a rising star of Saatchi Art.


Artist, Joon-Hyung Lee specializes in the human condition. Or to be exact the expression of the human condition through his myriad expressive takes on the human face. Perhaps then it ought not surprise many that the rising South Korean artist has begun captivating the art world, both in his native Seoul, South Korea where he […]

Ad featuring Michelangelo’s Davis holding a gun stirs outrage.


The Italian government has warned that it intends to pursue legal action against a US small arms company after an ‘offensive’ advertisement  featuring Michelangelo’s David holding a gun. Rome’s culture minister Dario Franceschini has pleaded with Illinois-based ArmaLite to withdraw the promotion for a bolt-action rifle. The advertisement comes with the tagline ‘a work of […]

Oops! Cleaning lady throws away expensive modern art she mistook for trash.


A lesson for what some of us call art…. Calamity as a cleaning woman has unwittingly thrown away thousands of dollars of art by New York modernist Paul Branca which she mistook for trash. The pieces, a collage of crumpled newspaper, cardboard, and cookie installation scattered across the floor in the motif of a garden-variety […]

Bambaseled: The Pleasures and Follies of Art Basel Miami 2013


Art Basel Miami 2013. Here we go again… Our party posse crept stealthily into Miami’s South Beach over the MacArthur Causeway as the moon rose over Biscayne Bay looking like a half-rotten mango. Our intended destination, Art Basel Miami 2013, the  international art expo that has metastasized into a party slash ultra  klusterfuck where the worlds of international art, fashion, music, […]

Stefan Bondell, artist opens exhibition on Black Friday so viewers can roll around in one million dollars worth of shredded notes.


Stefan Bondell has gone to cause a stir today with his new art exhibit, ‘The Black Box,’ at the Hole gallery where the artist has gone on to set up a space allowing viewers to stomp on in $1 million dollars of shredded cash. The show also exhibits four black ten-by-ten foot paintings meant to […]

Why Andy Warhol’s Silver Car Crash painting sold for $105 million?


If as an ordinary punter you are trying to guess how Andy Warhol’s Silver car crash (Double Disaster) painting managed to sell for a record whopping $105 million you are not in the minority. It seems talk of the all time record sale, (by at least $30 million since the last Warhol public sale), has led […]

Bansky vandalized a fourth time in a row…

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 3.02.24 PM

  Did you buy a fake art work from Bansky at Central Park? Is this Banksy? Picture taken might finally be him (at last). Banksy’s arrest was just a hoax. Life imitating art. It’s now time to meet Bansky’s impersonator- Hanksy: ‘Catch me if you can.’ Bansky has once again had new work vandalized in […]

Is this Banksy? Picture taken might finally be him (at last).


A photo making the rounds today is making some ask the question with degrees of confidence ‘is this Banksy?’ The image that of a man in a flat cap and paint-spattered overalls was photographed trying to fix a ‘moving painting’ in a van which had broken down, as part of the artist’s month-long ‘exhibition’ in […]