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5 Ways to Art Up Your Life in 2020

Bringing art into your life
Bringing art into your life for 2020. Image via social media.
Bringing art into your life
Bringing art into your life for 2020. Image via social media.

Bringing art into your life in 2020: Creative ideas you might want to think about & explore whether in the visual or performing kind. But where to start? 

Imagination and creativity have come along a long way. Both of them combined make a field of recreation and entertainment that has made humans superior and most fit as the intelligent race, among others. And this field of human intelligence is what makes – Art. It doesn’t simply spread over areas concerning handiwork but spreads over the entire region where something is created solely from the source of creative energy and originality. 

Art has stayed and flourished in the hands of the artists since times immemorable. Whether it constituted of auditory works, graphics, paintings, sculpturing, architecture, or even creation of full-fledged motion pictures, art has made it easier to make our lives meaningful and also influencing it. A mere introduction of something creative and ingenious brings about a manifold turn of events and directs to thrive until reaching perfection and even beyond.

Bringing art into your life
Bringing art into your life- whether by hand or simply buying it is guaranteed to rejuvenate you. Image via social media.

How to Art Up Your Life?

The thing about bringing art into your life is that it puts life into the dullest and monotonous things. Notedly, not just creating art, but also viewing it or coming in touch with and admiring masterpieces, helps to fill color in even the most ordinary lives. 

And if you have felt that lately, your existence has become tedious or wearing, then 2020 is exactly the right time to spice up some things and put a twist. 

You can either do art yourself or bring home a piece that makes the most sense to you, and astonishingly, both ways you get to enjoy its inventive aura. So, do not let the new year go in vain and immediately begin trailing the following tips and bring a splash of art into your life for the year 2020!

canvaspop art
Turn your favorite family photos into quality canvas wall art. Image via Techcrunch.

    1. Go Canvas-ing

A place to begin masterpieces, a canvas is what will improve your whole art inclination in 2020 and will also double as a very chic piece to gift yourself. Now, do not worry. You are not required to fill the canvas yourself by painting, or drawing, or something like that.

All you got to do is submit your best picture of your most infectious smile or a picture of your pet that will make the most amazing masterpiece there ever has been, and get it delivered straight to you. Lo and Behold! The classic piece of art is ready to be immortalized and admired. 

CanvasPop offers a creative yet hassle-free idea to have you chilling along with your canvas prints. The company offers premium quality canvases and discounts on the prices along with the opportunity to turn your Prisma photos into wall art.

Sculpture Sydney Opera House
Australia’s Architectural wonder – the Sydney Opera House is a sculptural masterpiece and a venue you can soak up.

   2. Get Sculptured

There are just too many ways to have a new sculpture installed somewhere in your house or workplace. The statue or the modeling can be of any material that suits your style the most. It can be woodwork, cement, metal, or yet clay. They can be humanoid in form, angelic, and even architectural. 

Sculptures make a great addition as decor, but the best part is that they represent something that was all along with present in its material but was brought forward by the all-seeing eye of the artist. 

All the sculptures you can get or make are –

  • Buying an already made sculpture by a starving striving artist is one of the best ways to provide some fresh air to newly flourishing artists.
  • You can even go sight-seeing to visit sculptures of the past if that is the form of art and remembrance that you prefer. After all, a sculpture etched into your memory is the one piece of art you can carry with you everywhere.
  • Plaster Hands are a budding piece of the modern arts. You can try making one yourself or take help from a professional. Hold your hands in the mold slime, and after withdrawing them, pour plaster to have your custom-made sculpture with either family or loved ones, commemorating them in any shape. Use the sculptures as showpieces, candle holders, or even jewelry keepers.

       3. Watch a Film or Witness a shoot

    Art cannot be made completely in a single stroke, and a shoot of a movie can particularly prove this. The countless hours spent behind perfecting a single shot, or other small steps in the case of different art forms, are painstakingly tiresome and demanding. Maybe this is what helps art become breathtaking and phenomenal. 

    So completely indulge in a movie-marathon, admire and appreciate all the actors & performers, imagine the struggle of behind the scene workers and other artists, who made the great masterpiece a moving, living, and breathing bit of talent and art. Or, visit a shoot and see all the effort and work directly in front of you. 

       4. Begin Doing it Yourself (DIY)

    If there is one piece of art that you will most relate to and find the most comfort in is the one that you created yourself. You can find tons of art inspirations online, but what matters the most is that your piece of art needs to reflect you and your essence. 

    So though you can look for inspiration, you need to know that to fill art into 2020 and your life, you will have to bring it from within. 

    Ideas for DIYs –

    • Make a journal: – There is no easy yet creative DIY easier than maintaining a journal. Though it is not exactly what you can call an outstanding piece in terms of world arts, it will help you let a few free waves of creativity to roll around. You can practice doodling, or channel your thoughts into creative fonts on the paper and be at ease with your ingenious self.
    • Make pieces to decorate your study or work desk – You can pour easy mix cement into different molds, add paper holders in the middle and make cement holders hold pictures or remainders or even decorate frames to hold your memories in place. https://youtu.be/tSZbp9XT058

          5. Try making a Soundtrack

      Not something that you will find easy to share with the world, but music has a peculiarity of blessing the most tone-oblivious souls. What you need to know is that your aim is to fill your soul, and music does that without a doubt. 

      • Buy a musical instrument, learn to play it, and fill your boring days with harmony. Just make sure that your neighbors do not complain.
      • Try the albums and soundtracks that you usually thought to not be of your taste. Soon you will find a masterpiece and regret putting it off for such a long time.
      • Download softwares that allow you to experiment with tones, sounds, and music. You do not know when you will make the next national sensation.

      Art is a free-flowing stream. All you got to do is to channel it out of you into something physical or something that can be felt and admired. Immerse yourself into everything artistic and original, and you will have not a single year, but your whole life dedicated to a phenomenal impression!