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How to Write a Visual Arts Essay explained.

Visual arts essay
How to Write a Visual Arts Essay explained. Pictured Leonardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa.'
Visual arts essay
How to Write a Visual Arts Essay explained. Pictured Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa.’

Do you know how to write a great essay on visual arts? Some students have no idea how to write it correctly and thus they seek some essay writing services. However, with our complete guide, you will be aware of how to write it successfully.

Visual Arts Essay: How to Reveal the Topic Correctly

Visual art essays is a creative way of representing art in a word form. It is a way of explaining what is really in the art. It talks about art in painting, sculpture, drawings, and portraits. The main aim is to make people understand the art better by painting a visual image in words. It is a way of enhancing creativity as students paint a picture of a certain image vividly in words.

When writing visual art essays, use simple words to describe it. These are easy to understand. Look at the object in question keenly, slowly, carefully and repeatedly. If the art is made up of many parts, sort the parts out in the order of their importance. You do not have to dwell on all the parts. Look at each part carefully. Then now you can put this information into writing.

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In order to write about visual arts, you have to understand the art better. The following are top tips to guide you through writing.

The work context

In order to describe an art, you need to have a clear understanding of it. You need to have all the information about the given painter or photographer. You need to know his styles, the issues he is dealing with and what influences him/her to draw. Then you look at that particular work and familiarize yourself with. How does it look? What is its title? When was the art done? Such kind of questions will provide you with answers which will give you a better understanding of the essay.

Visual Arts essay
Visual Arts essay: Describing the style and technique, as seen in Vincent Van Gogh’s impressionist painting of ‘The Starry Night’.

The style and technique used

Like every other form of creative work, visual arts have a certain style and technique. This is particular for each person. The aim of the style is to improve the way the message will be sent. It enhances the message on the art. Every designer has their own way of style. In order to understand the art better, then you must identify the style and understand it too. Show how these styles have been used in the specific art.

What intrigues you about the art

Writing is a passion. Especially for visual art writers. Before you settle on describing any form of art, there is always a drive. This is the most important part of the essay. What particularly interests you in this type of art. Why do you want to write an essay about it? Describe what you want others to learn about the particular art. Arouse the curiosity of the reader.

Personal interests

Follow your personal interests. It is easier to write what you as a writer love. Narrow down the topics to areas you are familiar with. This way you dwell on a topic you have vast knowledge in. You are able to express yourself out well.

Hidden context of the art

In this section, you tell us the hidden bit about the art. The hidden meaning which we are not able to see. The aim of these essays is to explain out the meaning behind the art Carefully examine the painting and look at the objects on it. In most cases, best images contain vague images. It takes a careful observer to pick out such. These values images are what gives the art a deep meaning. It reveals the artist’s emotions and feelings behind the art. When you pinpoint this part of the art, then you now have a clear understanding of the art.

Visual Art Essay
Visual Arts Essay: Interpreting Andy Warhol’s modern art work can take on a variety of meanings…


This is where you start your essay. After the careful observation, tell us what you feel about the art. Interpretation differs from each and every one. It depends on how they have personally viewed the art. In your own way, describe your feelings in the best possible way. What do you see, which you wish others should see. Describe it.

During visual essay writing, you encounter some pitfalls. It is not an easy writing assignment. It requires a lot of research and preparation. It needs a lot of creativity and logic. You have to understand the art first before writing it. The major task is understanding the art.

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Visual Arts Essay Topics

There are plenty of visual essay topics. They include:

  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Ancient Roman structures
  • The Pieta of Michelangelo
  • Flemish Baroque in the 17th century
  • The graphics of modern day art
  • Impressionism era of art in the Netherlands
  • Differences between Bernini and Borromini
  • Insinuations behind ‘The Thinker’
  • The Mona Lisa
  • The inspiration behind famous painting
  • The history of art in the Netherlands
  • The sculpture of nude women

Final steps

When you are through with writing the essay, proofread it. This aims at removing all grammatical errors. Ensure that the sentence structure is good, the language used is the required one and the outline is up to standards. Ensure that you have followed a good art essay structure. To grasp a general understanding of how it should look like, you can go through free essay examples.