Oh really? If Norwegian student gets one million Facebook likes his high school crush will sleep with him.

Cathrine Johansen and Petter Kverneng.

Cathrine Johansen and Petter Kverneng will probably be doing ‘it’ this weekend.

Getting laid courtesy of Facebook.

It may have worked for one kid who went on Facebook crusading to get their parents to buy them a puppy if they managed to score a million Facebook likes and it now seems Norway‘s Petter Kverneng may end up getting himself laid courtesy of his high school crush if we all go to bat for him and uptick his solicitation (for a lack of a better word right?).

Describing it all as joke (yeah right) 20 year old Petter may now end up getting his wish since his ‘solicitation’ has now garnered the attention of 4chan’s /b/ imageboard.

With his ‘solicitation’ skyrocketing at present past 1.3 million likes young Petter may soon have something to cheer about this weekend. Wonder what extra Petter’s high school crush Cathrine Johansen will give him if he manages to get 2 million likes?

The only hitch? Catherine’s dad has yet to hear about the ‘solicitation.’ Let’s hope dad has the decency to upvote….

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