David Petraeus’ wife can’t believe the shame Paula Broadwell has caused.

David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell.

David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell.

Paula Broadwell regrets her affair with David Petraeus. Will the public buy it?

Paula Broadwell, David Petraeus mistress returns home with her husband. Still together for now.

Paula Broadwell, David Petraeus mistress turns up in public with husband.

Jill Kelley would like to remind you that Paula Broadwell is a criminal.

Oh really? Jill Kelley got to visit the White house three times in the last three months with her twin sister. But how?

Jill Kelley writes pleading emails to Tampa mayor claiming she is receiving threats all night.

So what’s Fred Humphries the shirtless FBI agent really hiding?

Paula Broadwell’s emails to Jill Kelley revealed. Very catty indeed…

David Petraeus affair scandal part of a White House cover up?

In the aftermath of the revelations that CIA director and undisputed hawt bixch, big honcho, brass balls made of special oxygen only found from the fragmented skulls of our enemies, David Petraeus‘s indiscretions with his former biographer Paula Broadwell comes the news that Holly Petraeus, wife of above designated finagler, is screaming at the gods of betrayal.

So furious is Holly Petraeus with her 60 year old husband’s shenanigans it is reckoned that Holly herself is personally sharpening stray bits of steel to thrust deeply into the underbelly of her husband and his hussy, Paula who she has taken exceptional disgust towards.

Revealed Petraeus spokesperson retired U.S. Army Col. Steve Boylan to ABC this morning: “Well, as you can imagine, she’s not exactly pleased right now. Furious would be an understatement.’ 

Paula Broadwell, the woman said to have had illicit relations with Petraeus for her part is a 40-year-old graduate of the U.S. Military Academy and an Army Reserve officer, married to surgeon, Scott Broadwell with whom she has two young sons. To date she has chosen to take a low profile despite feelings of embitterment towards David Petraeus whom she feels betrayed her.

Apparently David and Holly have been married going on close to 38 years and have spawned two children, a son and a daughter, the son, Stephen having gone on to lead an infantry platoon in Afghanistan as an Army lieutenant.

Holly Petraeus (left) with Scott Kelley (center) and Jill Kelley (right) at a party.

Holly Petraeus (left) with Scott Kelley (center) and Jill Kelley (right) at a party.

What though seems to be further complicating relations (that word at this instant should thoroughly be washed in a deep freeze compartment) is the degree of anger and resentment Holly is feeling towards her husband who although ending the relationship four months ago never led on once during the 2 year illicit affair to his wife. Then again should anyone really be surprised that a man whose job it is to play hardball and go after the scalps of supposed enemies and who collects secrets for a living should be keeping his own big secret?

To date David Petraeus has been forced to resign after David’s hussy, Paula went on an email hacking mission against another woman, Jill Kelley, an unpaid social liaison officer to military headquarters with whom she suspected our collective hero to be having an affair with, all of which was brought to the FBI’s attention.

Interestingly staffers for Petraeus have offered Kelley and her husband were regular guests at events he held at Central Command headquarters.

It is said the affair began in 2010, 2 months after Petraeus became CIA director and only ended 4 months ago after Petraeus chose to break things off purportedly to Paula Broadwell’s great consternation. Which has led some to believe that Paula Broadwell now suspected David Petraeus to be pursuing other relations.

Since the affair has gone public both David Petraeus and Paula have gone on to express remorse, with Paula’s camp taking the view that she was the one being led on.

David Petraeus and Paula Bradfield.

David Petraeus and Paula Bradfield.

What though has also led to considerable embarrassment is the degree of deceit played out during David and Holly’s daughter, Anne‘s recent marriage where guests remarked how much the couple beamed and appeared in solid unison.

Equally more circumspect is Petraeus recent praising of his wife Holly, calling her “the greatest source of support, wise counsel, and love that any soldier could have.”

Like Holly, Paula Broadwell’s family didn’t even find out about the affair until they saw it being telecast live on TV Friday night, which if you can imagine must have left a few pieces of chuck liver refusing to go down Paula’s throat, never mind the large chunk of horse carcass that refused to go down Holly’s.

With respect to Jill Kelley who is married to a cancer surgeon and with whom she has 3 children she has declined to answer media questions as to the extent of her involvement with David Petraeus only to say that her friendship with Petraeus never went any farther than friendship.

The revelations about the extramarital activities of Petraeus, a retired four-star general and perhaps the nation’s most revered military figure, has sparked an outcry in Congress over the fact that the FBI did not inform lawmakers about the probe in a timely fashion (although Washington insiders are said to have known about the affair for months), never mind the outrage and sharpened steel bits Holly Petraeus has now aimed at Paula Broadwell…

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    “Both David Petraeus and Paula have gone on to express remorse, with
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