Kelly Bensimon- Would you hit it?

This fall- I'm going to shock you with the air bubbles called my body.

A long painful winter.

Kids, the chipmunks have just packed away their suntanning cream, but thankfully one hawt thang brought it out back again.

Look at these pictures carefully and ask yourself would you hit it a/ 10pm, b/2 am c/ 4 am d/ just keep passing the white tray and I’ll see.

One day the sun will strap itself against Kelly and suck up all those air pockets that refuse to let go of Kelly, until then rinse,shine and hustle for the camera…


As long as a camera is pointed in my face life will always have meaning.

When I come to Miami- I'm always so happy to wear my two piece air pocket.

If I hold the air pocket in, the camera will perform magic tricks

And just in case you think I'm lying- I've got another air pocket to show you too...