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The world is relieved that Kelly Bensimon thinks she’s not crazy.

I'm not going bananas!

I'm not going bananas!

One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

Look like Kelly’s little shiny head went into over drive on last Thursday’s episode of – ‘Ny’s Unbearable Housewives.’ After the eye candy chanteuse lost it on the show, speculation started to hit that maybe good old Kelly was going loony tunes a gaga. But Kelly once and for all straightened things out for us by declaring that she’s in fact not crazy- because if she was really crazy she wouldn’t know she was crazy- which isn’t as crazy as it sounds…if you catch Kelly’s idea.

Kelly Bensimon wants to be clear about one thing. She’s not crazy — and that wasn’t a nervous breakdown you saw on The Real Housewives of New York City Thursday, as she blew up at her costars during a trip to the Virgin Islands.

“It was a nervous breakthrough,” Bensimon tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview appearing in next week’s issue.

A nervous break through? Which in double speak, or excuse us in ‘Kelly speak’ doesn’t that mean authenticated nut job?

“It was four people against one. I go on this trip, I’m trying to be open. I have no expectations. I’m trying to be nice to these women who clearly don’t like me,” Bensimon says. “But the minute I got on the trip, they went after me. It was constant.”

Yes, Kelly, we know them bitches are jealous of you- they all wish they still had their teeth like you and could flip on a bikini at a minute’s notice without once ever sucking in their stomach.

But fans shouldn’t judge Bensimon based on this one episode. “This is me being a Housewife on a television show,” she says. “This is not me in my real life.”

No in private Kelly is even crazier, but she only likes to share that part of herself with people that don’t have an axe to grind with her in public. At least not a very sharp axe.

Source: Huffington Post



  1. Andy Cohen, the Executive Producer, behind the rise of these Bravo Reality TV Shows is truly Society’s Shit Salesman. While I think he should take Mazel of the week and shove it up his proverbial ass, he has capitalized on the disintegration of our culture and each week helps take it and these women to all new lows. Nevertheless, you have to give the douchebag credit for getting these women to literally enter WWF Match on Weekly Television to destroy their off screen lives and their standing in Society. With a rare exception, most of these women literally have no class whatsoever.

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