Home Nightlife Project Paz presents Project Art: Introducing the well heeled.

Project Paz presents Project Art: Introducing the well heeled.


Photography by Jason Potvin. Scallywag, Peter Davis, Kristian Laliberte.

Wednesday night saw an illustrious turnout for Project Paz’s Project Art venture where a consortium of well heeled fashion and art cognoscenti congregated for good cheer and of course to raise awareness and much needed funds for the people of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico– where if anyone has been paying attention has been under constant siege due to rampant drug wars. With 29 participating artists whose work was inspired by the crises of Juarez, items were silently auctioned off, and reports to date have it that the evening raised $90 000. Not bad work if you can get it.

Joint hosts for the evening included: Michael Bastian, Roxana Bruno Lamb, Christian Cota, Amanda Hearst, Carolina Herrera De Baez, Karla Martinez, Rafael Marquez and Sylvana Ward Durrett . Taking Christian Cota aside, I learned that this was indeed a special and dear cause to his heart, with the funds earmarked for various community props to be used to cultivate youth and embolden them in ventures in the humanities and the arts.

Guests included, and there were so many of you:Melissa George, Lauren Santo Domingo, Kelly Bensimon, famed photographer Rose Hartman, dandies Peter Davis (whom I finally got to have a delicious chat with) and Kristian Laliberte, David Victor Rose, Alexa Winner,Gemma Kahng and a myriad of fashion and art insiders who coincidentally cut very telling three quarter angles.

David Victor Rose, Alexa Winner, Gemma Kahng
David Victor Rose to the right.