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Why? Amber James Washington mom strangles 9 year old son on Halloween

Amber James Washington mom
Pictured Amber James Washington mother who strangled her 9 year old son, Ryan Rosales.
Amber James Washington mom
Pictured Amber James Washington mother who strangled her 9 year old son, Ryan Rosales.

What part did mental illness play in Amber James strangling her 9 year old son? How society continues to preempt mental health treatment. 

Amber Lynn James a 47 year old Seabeck, Washington mother has confessed to strangling her 9 year old son after watching conspiracy videos on the evening of Halloween.

The death of Ryan Tyler Rosales follows the Kitsap County, mother earlier that week calling 911 to report she was being followed by cars and airplanes.

At the time of her arrest, James was found wth cloves of garlic, two lighters and a vial of holy water. Upon being questioned the mother saids she used the holy water, ‘to say a prayer for my baby.’

Kitsap Sun reported the son’s murder taking place Tuesday morning, while the boy’s father as taking a shower, with the man running downstairs to discover the couple’s son lying unresponsive in the kitchen, where all the stoves were on.

Attempts to revive the child failed.

The father told police noticing scratch marks on his wife’s neck from where their son had attempted to ‘fight back.’

Q13Fox reported James being aken away for a mental health evaluation where she confessed to killing the child, saying ‘she needed to save her son from people that were after us’.

The mom had been watching conspiracy videos on YouTube about politics and chemtrails reported the media outlet.

Police also found messages on her son’s bedroom wall saying ‘Greed kills’, ‘No pedo’, ‘God is coming’ and ‘Michael=Devil’.

Ryan Rosales
Pictured Ryan Rosales who was strangled at the hands of his Washington mother, Amber James.

Amber James murder charges upped from second degree to first degree on Friday:

Upon appearing in court on Wednesday, James was initially charged with second degree murder only to have charges upped to first degree murder following a Friday court appearance.

Court documents said she was taking medication for anxiety but did not have a diagnosed mental health disorder. It wasn’t immediately clear to what degree the mother’s mental illness extended and what medication she’d been prescribed?

It wasn’t clear why prior intervention on the mother’s behalf hadn’t been sought and to what degree stigma regarding mental health issues may have played a part in family and friends imploring the mother to seek guidance.

Noted patheos, ‘If there’s anything that is clear from this case, it’s that religion and certain mental illnesses don’t mix. According to Schizophrenia.com, seriously mentally ill people who are also extremely religious tend to see psychological issues as spiritual issues, making them much less likely to seek help from health care professionals.’

A GoFundMe page was set up to help with the bills for Ryan’s funeral.

A message read: ‘Ryan’s father, James “Jimbo” Rosales, is understandably struggling to comprehend and deal with the unfathomable loss of his beloved youngest son, and console his two remaining children.

‘We can come together and help with the unexpected costs of a funeral for this sweet little boy who was taken too soon from his loving dad, and family.’

Yet to be necessarily understood is why responding authorities upon receiving an initial call about the mother purporting to see things hadn’t been taking in for an evaluation?

The mother remains in custody with no bail set at Kitsap County jail. 

Ryan Rosales
Pictured, Ryan Rosales. Image via GoFundme.