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Why? Ashlee Hutt mom injects her three children with heroin ‘sleep juice’

Ashlee Hutt
Pictured, Ashlee Hutt who earlier this week was charged after injecting her three infant children with heroin.
 Ashlee Hutt
Pictured, Ashlee Hutt who earlier this week was charged after injecting her three infant children with heroin. Pictured far right with her live in boyfriend, Leeroy McIver.

What led to Ashlee Hutt a Washington mother along with her live in boyfriend, Leeroy McIver injecting three children with heroin, which they called a feel good magic drug?

Ashlee Hutt a 24 year old Spanaway, Washington mother and her live in boyfriend have been charged after injecting the woman’s three infant children with heroin.

Matters first came to the fore in November 2015 after the pair were alleged to have plied Hutt’s two daughters and son, aged six and four and two with the drug which they described as ‘sleep juice’ to the children. 

At the time the couple’s three children were taken away after a six month investigation at the hands of Child Protection services which had started in May, 2015.

Investigations began after authorities were tipped off by a family friend who said they had observed the mother injecting one of the children.

Named in a recent arrest affidavit was the mother’s boyfriend, 25 yea old man, Leeroy ‘Mac’ McIver who is alleged to have taken part in the druggings at their Spanaway, Washington home.

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 Ashlee Hutt
Pictured Ashlee Hutt with her three children. Image via Facebook.

According to a report via Kiro 7, police discovered the children living among rat droppings and dirty needles when they visited the house last year.

Not clear is if McIver is the children’s biological father. All three of the children are now living in foster homes. 

Child Protection Service officers noticed scratches, bruises and markings on the two-year-old girl’s body which suggested she had been injected with the drug. 

CPS interviewed one of the children who described how his mother and her boyfriend would ‘mix white powder with water’ and inject them with it. 

On one occasion the child said they were given the drug after being choked by McIver.

According to the child, he and his sister siblings would fall asleep afterwards and that his mother referred to it as ‘feel good medicine’ and ‘sleeping juice’, The News Tribune reported. 

Of note, investigators found traces of heroin in the hair follicles of the two-year-old sister after she had been removed from the house.

Another one of the children tested positive for the drug but one did not. 

Ashlee Hutt
Ashlee Hutt pictured with her boyfriend, Leeroy McIver
Ashlee Hutt
Pictured, live in boyfriend, Leeroy McIver with the children.

Both Hutt and McIlver have since been charged with three counts of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance to a minor, second-degree criminal mistreatment and second-degree child assault.

Pursuant to the charges against them, the couple admit to being heroin addicts

They both remain in custody. Hutt was arraigned on Monday in Tacoma, her boyfriend was arraigned last month, with bail set at $100 000 for both parties. 

Of note, neighbors said police often visited the home, raising the question why authorities failed to act earlier?

Neither Pierce County Sheriff’s Office nor Washington State’s Child Protection Services could confirm whether they had received concerns for the children’s welfare before Hutt’s November arrest. A claim that strikes this author dubious and circumspect. 


Ironically the charges against Ashlee Hutt come after the mother celebrated the jailing of another mother in the area whose baby died after drinking bong water. 

Alyia Iverson‘s son Nathan died from a methamphetamine overdose in 2012. He had been allowed to drink bong water before his death. 

‘Finally justice for you,’ Hutt had written on a social media post, sharing a photograph of the infant victim. 

Hutt claimed she knew the baby and rejoiced when his mother was jailed. 

Added Hutt: ‘It’s heart breaking that you had to lose your life due to the state not listening. 

‘This never would’ve happened if you were with your father or family that actually cared for you.’ 

Not necessarily understood is what led to Hutt and her boyfriend relentlessly abusing the three children in their care and whether any effort at obtaining relief on behalf of the children’s behalf was made prior to their arrest?