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Who’s to blame? Three day old Fresno baby mauled to death by family dogs

Three day old Fresno baby mauled death family dogs
Three day old Fresno baby mauled death family dogs
Stock file image of pit bull shar pei mix.

Three day old Fresno baby mauled death family dogs: Who bears culpability for the death of a defenseless child? Just an unfortunate accident?

A 3 day old Fresno, California baby girl has been killed after being mauled to death by two family dogs.

The child’s death comes after after the mother left the child on the couch to walk away for a few seconds only to have the pet dogs pounce on the baby.

The mauling happened at 3700 block of North Glenn Avenue about 12:30 a.m. Monday.

Tragically the mauling came after the baby girl’s 33 year old mother left the door to the backyard open because it was hot after believing the dogs were tied up out back, told Fresno Police Sgt Dan Macias via the Fresno Bee.

Despite being rushed to hospital, the baby died shortly after Monday’s attack.

Macias says the two male dogs, which are believed to be a mix of shar-pei and pit bull are owned by the 33-year-old woman’s brother. He surrendered the dogs to the Central California Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. SPCA spokesman Walter Salvari says the dogs will be euthanized.

The mother later acknowledged one of the two dogs being aggressive.

Not necessarily understood is how and why the dogs were allowed in the house and whether any actions had been taken to remove the dogs with the birth of the newborn child?

While yet to rule out charges, police have since described the three day old Fresno baby girl’s death an ‘unfortunate accident.’

Three day old Fresno baby mauled death family dogs
Scene of the mauling, 3700 block of North Glenn Avenue.
Three day old Fresno baby mauled death family dogs
Image via youtube.

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  • Manatee

    Wow she thought the dog would kill you if she came closer. Doesn’t that just say it all, they KNOW something is wrong with these animals, with a normal dog that wouldn’t be the case. – but oh no, we’re the bad meanies for calling them out . Seems like it is ever da there is a new horror story, like this one http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/pit-bulls-bite-including-9-year-old-girl-harlem-queens-article-1.2696621

  • Manatee

    When will the madness end? People have been trying to give the dogs a chance, but they keep blowing it. People have a right to be able to walk around in public without being attacked, people need to document when the dogs keep getting out, take pictures. If something happens and you survive it, sue the owner but more importantly, the city in which it happened for bowing to dog ‘political correctness’. It’s ridiculous. Another story out of NC http://wncn.com/2016/06/30/nc-child-suffers-serious-injuries-after-pit-bull-mix-attack/

  • jamaicajoe

    I was attacked by a Pit Bull a month ago, thankfully just a nip, a little blood, but it lasted five minutes of being circled, lunged at and growled at by my neighbors psycho dog. I was literally defenseless in my own front yard, no weapon and nowhere to find shelter. The owner stayed 150 feet away because she was afraid the dog would kill me if she approached. I told her that should the dog ever appear in my yard again, it would be dead. I am carrying a weapon and pepper spray. I will show no mercy.

  • Manatee

    Oh don’t worry, they’ll show up with those terrible arguments like ‘pools kill people, should we ban all pools?’ or ‘some people are serial killers, shoud we blame all people?’ or ‘any dog can bite’ derpity derp, we’re not talking about a simple bite though, are we? omg perhaps there needs to be an IQ test before anyone can adopt certain breeds- if you’re just not that bright and can’t figure out how to keep a dog so it can’t get out, or other problems that may arise because of an animals potential for violence, maybe you just shouldn’t be able to adopt this kind of dog. It’s not fair to the animal, to the public, it’s just a bad idea.

  • jamaicajoe

    wow I am surprised the pit bull apologists haven’t descended on this page to blame the victims.