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Should pit bull owners whose dog attacked Chase Loney, three year old boy be made to give up dog?

Chase Loney
Did neighbors err by not having a fence so as to contain their pit bull dog? Picture of Chase Loney who came to be mauled by the neighbor’s pit bull.

A brewing debate is simmering since owners of a pit bull that attacked three year old Minnesota boy, Chase Loney have insisted that they oughtn’t have to give away their dog. This despite the horrific injuries the toddler suffered.

Owners of a pit bull that mauled three year old Minnessota three year old boy, Chase Loney have told that they don’t understand why they should have to give away the dog or worse have it put down. This despite increasing calls for the pit bull owners to give up the dog after a summer attack left the boy with permanent scars and 22 stitches to the face.

In the months since the attack, the pit bull’s owners, a suburban couple have told that they are being increasingly being bullied over the dog attack, so much that they have now taken matters into their own hands.

Concerned that their dog was being perceived as a constant threat the couple erected a fence (why hadn’t they done this in the first place?) as well as putting up a ‘Beware of dog’ sign, adding that since last summer’s attack there haven’t been any further attacks.

That though is small comfort to Chase Loney’s parents .

Told Chris Loney, the boy’s father via MyFoxTwinCities.com: ‘[My son] is by my side the whole time, within about a foot and I turn about 45 degrees to throw some paper plates in the trash, and I heard this ‘ruff ruff.’

‘The dog just came out of nowhere.’

Although the family reported the attack to cops, no charges would eventually be brought forward.

Meanwhile, the Loney’s said that they while have received a $1,000 insurance claim from their neighbors to help with medical costs, they still plan to file a lawsuit. 

Told the toddler’s mother, Chandra Loney: ‘We gave our neighbors the option [to] pay the medical bills and get rid of the dog, and we’ll leave it alone. And they chose to keep the dog.’  \

Chase Loney

Chase Loney

And then there were these comments on the web that caught my eye, see what you think?

 A case of a little too late by putting up fence? Did the neighbors foresee this potential incident happening? Why didn’t they take preemptive measures? Pit bulls by nature are aggressive why not guard against such behavior? And how much can a 3 year old boy ‘taunt’ or actively seek to aggravate a dog? Isn’t that just shifting the blame to the child who in the end is the victim?

Please quit sticking up for this breed.  Dog attacks happen far disproportionately with pitbulls and evertime, someone like you has to stick up for them. Arrest the owner for not complying with the law and destroy the dog. 

So many stories like this. And the pitbull owners are often in denial. Nearly every time a pitbull kills or attempts to kill someone, the owner says ” gee, this is the first time” Trust me….pitbulls are ticking time bombs. Yes, they can be sweet and nice one minute, but the next….your sweet dogs just killed you. The breed should be illegal. There are so many options for people to own other terrific dogs that dont kill.

If your dog attacks someone it’s your responsibility. An unprovoked dog attach on a child leaves the owner legally exposed and beyond redemption. Refusing to give up the dog shows no recognition of harm or responsibility and is downright UN-neighborly.

Good for the dog owners….don’t give up your dog…!!! I’m sick of every time something happens with a dog that they feel the dog (or any other animal for that matter) must be destroyed or taken from their home no matter what the circumstances. The media always gives only one side of the story and it’s never the side of what happened to provoke the dog into doing it in the first place.

The police would have filed charges if it were the dogs fault but it was the kids fault for taunting the dog.

Too many “parents” (and I DO use that term loosely) nowadays let their kids go unsupervised and things like this just happen! Someone above posted the kid was teasing the dog with a chicken bone!

Where are the parents in this?  

Chase Loney

Chase Loney
Dad Chris Loney.

Chase Loney

Chase Loney



  1. There are many, many cases of properly raise, well-taken care of, properly trained, pitbulls who suddenly killed. The breed is completely unpredictable and NOT suitable for a household pet.

  2. How many people die from Chihuahua? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Meanwhile, 90% of dogbite DEATHS are from pitbulls….even though pitbulls make up only 5% of the dog population.

  3. The dog should be destroyed immediately, the owners fined and banned from keeping dogs for life. Failure to cooperate should mean jail.

  4. Several pit owners last year alone, not even to menton years past, were killed by their own “pet” pit bulls. Guess they trained ’em to kill them, right? Pit nitwit.

  5. So far both you fools have not stated any facts that can be backed up with hard evidence, just half stories to back your senseless argument. Can you go to those death cases this year and research the owners of the killer dogs and see what kind of environment the dogs were living in? I doubt you will find that they were from loving homes with proper handling of the dogs. Pits can be nasty, so can a small thing like a chihuahua too. It almost always comes down the owner and the animal. Sure there could be a case where you have a deranged dog, just like you can have a murder in society or a pissy cat that will howl and slash anyone who moves near it other than its owner. You two if you want to make a case for how evil pits are need to back your stories up with background evidence, not tainted media filled feelings.

  6. What, pray tell, could a three year old child do to a dog that would warrant an attempt by a dog to kill it?

  7. This is precisely why I call pit owners “pit fools”. Thanks for assisting me to verify that. Pit owners have the foulest mouths on the planet…very low class people in my experiences with them.

  8. Tanooki, you need to educate yourself about this breed. The level of
    ignorance in your post is astounding. If you knew anything at all about
    the breed, you would know that they attack people and pets, without
    provocation, literally every day here in the US. This is because they
    were bred as fighting dogs – bred to attack without warning, and to
    fight to the death. This is documented fact – read a book on the history
    of the breed! And to imply that the child is somehow partly responsible
    for this, as you do in your last sentence, is beyond ignorant – it’s
    just plain sick.

  9. This is the last day of January and already, three people in the US have been murdered by dogs and the killer dogs in all three cases were PIT BULLS! In addition to the three killed by those ugly, block-headed, demon-eyed, hellhole-mouthed monsters, dozens of others (mostly children) have been seriously injured and left maimed and scarred for life. In the last two months, two pit bull proponents who spewed the same ignorance you’re spewing were murdered by their sweet, lovable “pitties” the same as many other pit bull owners who thought they had trained and could handle their “dawgs.” YOU are the one who needs to “learn your facts” because all you’ve posted is total garbage!

  10. No ma’am they’re not excuses they are documented facts and theyre not falling on deaf ears just those of fear mongering ignorant cowards like yourself. Learn your facts before you come off again like this, as a pompous self serving ass.

  11. If I lived in that neighborhood, the owners wouldn’t have to decide whether to give up their land shark or keep it so it could attack someone else because it would already be DEAD! Obviously, the authorities aren’t going to do anything about the problems and the owners don’t have sense enough to have that monster put down, so it’s time parents and other concerned citizens took matters into their own hands and rid the earth of that 4-legged demon.

  12. Pit bulls were bred for killing other dogs in pits as a gambling blood sport. They were never intended to be pets. This story is one of the hundreds each year telling of human victims being mauled or killed by pit bulls because idiots try to make them into pets. The animal loss to pit bulls is in the thousands EACH YEAR in the USA. Save your lame excuses, pit fools. They are falling on increasingly deaf ears sick to death of hearing them.

  13. Here’s another comment to hear around the web. Stop blaming pit bulls. They are not and never will be the real problem. The owners are 100% the problem. Lack of training their dog properly, or they train it to be a defensive or offensive type animal that will lash out. Pitbulls, dobermans, and a few others get unjust bans and unfair abuse being pegged as violent. Blame the trash that cause them to enter that state with their thug behavior, dogfighting tactics, abuses of the animal, training it to be that way, there’s always a trigger. I’m sure the kid definitely did not have it coming, so the question really is, who and what set that dog off?

    I’ve been around my share of the breed and the most violent part I’ve had to deal with is red marks from being tail whipped from a wag of happiness or being pounced on for attention since they can be a huskier dog (but not always.)

    The owner of this pitbull should be brought up on charges AND sued by the family hardcore. They lost the right to have pity me type comments the moment they had a yard with a dog in it and no fence while engaging in whatever intentional or non-intentional treatment caused it to become that way.

    As much ignorant jackasses who call pitbulls violent and ticking time bombs and death machines on paws should be grateful this country doesn’t punish people legally for being ignorant because there would be a lot of even more well fed lawyers in the world. The media should also be held liable for this slam piece since we’re not seeing both sides of the argument, just a slant to paint the dog as evil and the kid as a total innocent which may or may not be the case.

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