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Melissa Berkelhammer, NYC socialite accused of squatting in 5th ave home: She refuses to leave

Melissa Berkelhammer squatting.
Allegations that NYC socialite Melissa Berkelhammer and her mother have taken advantage of their 5th avenue host’s grace has led to claims that have outstayed their welcome.

It seems the travails of aspiring NYC socialite Melissa Berkelhammer continue to degenerate as the accused Bergdorf Goodman shoplifter is said have outstayed her welcome at ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ actress Juilanne Michelle Di Palma‘s 5th avenue home.

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The curious breakdown of socialite Melissa Berkelhammer.

In an exclusive with the nydailynews, the tabloid reports the 30 year old actress has filed a lawsuit against the doomed socialite and her mother, Jo Berkelhammer who according to the actress and sometimes Douglas Elliman realty broker have taken control of her tony Upper East side, Manhattan, 5th avenue apartment, treating it as a free for all.

According to the actresses mother, TV producer Joycelyn Engle, Berkelhammer and her mother have forced her daughter to take refuge in a solitary room whilst socialite and mother have now taken full rein of the house.

According to ‘the suit,’ which seeks to evict the ‘freeloaders’, Berkelhammer had originally asked to stay for a few weeks during purported renovations at her own apartment, more than a year ago. A year later, the aspiring socialite and her mother continue to live at the  930 Fifth Ave. apartment to the chagrin of Di Palma and the actresses mother.

The claim comes during a time when according close to sources to this author, the socialite had allegedly taken to calling a number of individuals seeking benevolence to put her and her mother up in a hotel on the Upper East side after the socialite’s sister and husband had demanded Berkelhammer move out.

In the suit, Engle who owns the apartment alleges the unwanted house guests resort to frequent shouting matches, ‘threatening our lives,’ are ‘dangerous people’ and take out your evening glass of whiskey, have also ‘threatened to burn down the apartment.’


In an effort to accommodate the down and out the aspiring socialite and Harvard ivy league graduate, who it is not understood is gainfully employed or not, despite claims she blogs for a number of publications, Engle asserts she has found the Berkelhammers a new apartment.

Nevertheless the pair, claims the suit refuse to leave their 5th avenue digs, with Engel claiming that the duo will not move anywhere that is not either Park avenue or 5th avenue.

Told Engels: ‘She and her mother will not live anywhere except in a doorman building on the Upper East Side and they prefer Park or Fifth.’

Adding: It’s a nightmare that doesn’t end.’

According to a stipulation agreement signed off on by both parties, the Berkelhammers agreed to be out by May 15.

But as May  15 came and went the Berkelhammers continued to reside at the 5th avenue residence.

Despite Engel offering to pay for movers and a storage company the Berkelhammers stayed put.

Claims Engel: ‘They pretended they were going to have storage pick up their stuff and then storage never came,’

‘It’s like anyone can just walk into any lovely apartment and say, ‘I”m staying here.”

Adding fissure to matters is an assertion by Jo Ellen Berkelhammer where the aspiring socialite’s mother asserted that ‘my daughter and I have been charged $2,100 per month in rent, plus a security deposit.’

Engle responding to the claim insists that the Berkelhammers were never charged a dime, adding that she personally loaned them between $500 and $600.

The Berkelhammers were given an extension to stay until May 29, but are still apparently there.

Following a judgment issued by Judge Jack Stoller, an eviction warrant is expected to be issued if the Berkelahmmers decline to leave.

Attorneys hired to represent her in the housing case have been relieved.

At present it is not understood what new, if any, living arrangements the Berkelhammers have arranged.

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Melissa Berkelhammer squatting