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The continued myth of Melissa Berkelhammer and the media.

Melissa Berkelhammer- image courtesy of Guest of a Guest.

Melissa Berkelhammer, suicidal socialite suffered two broken legs after car strikes her 

Media it’s a bitch, and you can’t live with or without it. It’s totally ingrained in the fabric of our times, an extension of our collective thoughts, aspirations, fears and more than ever how we relate to each other.

That said pursuant to a recent article we published (The curious breakdown of socialite Melissa Berkelhammer) questions and accusations of proprietary were thrown at us. Thrown at us because it was perceived that we crossed a certain line with respects to what passes for good and credible journalism. A topic quite dear to our hearts as we navigate the plains of information, contention and public dissemination. But really let’s be honest, or at least be open to what journalism really is these days and what it has morphed into and whether what we published with respect to a young woman, Melissa Berkelhammer, who has some repute as a socialite was an outright transgression on our parts or just simply an effort to push the envelope creatively.

A cursory look at what counts for news today will see a rampant rehash of celebrities misbehaving or pitching. Of course who’s really pitching on their behalf is the vested media entities who ostensibly own the projects that these pariahs are gallivanting for. So what you think is news, trivia, gossip is just a slick ad campaign to curry fantasy, favor and your bucks. And you bitches swallow it whole.

Then there’s media which serves to further ingratiate established interests point of view. Think you live in a free society? Free as long as you only think in that side of the box where the money bags grow from. Free as long as you perpetuate the espoused point of view, and if you dare ask questions outside those set by the moderator watch out you un American opportunistic filth. It’s your patriotic duty to make sure we shop to death, get our magic fill of plastic surgery and back to back trips to Iraq and Afghanistan. Don’t you dare whisper anything that might topple the suspended apple cart.

Which brings us back to our favorite media whore of the week Melissa Berkelhammer and her histrionics. I know as a publisher I am supposed to be sensitive, aware of people’s feelings and of course their reputation, because after all I am media, and it’s indolent souls like me that make or break one’s reputations. You think? And of course I’m suppose to be polite, sensitive, because they too are sensitive and going through a torrid spot of bother. Please Melissa don’t jump off the building ledge! But then this begs the greater question, as a media player what are we meant to be commenting on? Reflecting on? Follow a pr script? Or have the courage to report on something that captures our attention even if the material is unsavory-that is the faux suicide of a faux socialite. I am a brat right? But then again it wasn’t us who went public with the contentious dialogue- it was Ms Melissa Berekelhammer.

Whether she is a real socialite, real celebrity or a demi god public figure is irrelevant in our opinion. Her actions called into question the dialectics of our times- that one can now scribe to social media and participate in a collective soul searching. So if Ms Berkelhammer can do it- rest assured we can do it too. Happy reading, and yes, we will publish all your comments, so keep it coming and we promise we will too, now we return to our local sponsor for another myth for your ears. – the Editor.

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  1. She seems like a blatant attention whore and honestly anyone who seriously posts a “suicide” note on FB to gain attention is offensive to people who actually kill themselves.

    Jus’ sayin’

  2. You wrote an article lampooning a woman’s suicidal facebook postings. It doesn’t matter if she’s the most wicked person in the country, you’re an ass (not a journalist) for writing what you did about someone going through hardships. Calling what you do “journalism” is a lie. This blog reads more like a gossip rag and your celebrity infatuation is the lowest form of media. Even porn doesn’t take itself so seriously.

  3. Dude, Melissa Berkelhammer does not have a media machine. Let me know, next time a kid falls off a swing at a playground and cracks his skull and starts crying I will send you an alert and you can start writing how the spoiled Upper East Side brat deserved to fall of his swing because he was rich, cocky and lived in a doorman building.

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