Home Scandal and Gossip Why is Victoria Wilcher’s family really turning down KFC $30 000 donation?

Why is Victoria Wilcher’s family really turning down KFC $30 000 donation?

Victoria Wilcher's family really turning down KFC $30 000 donation
Victoria Wilcher

In an interesting turn about face, Victoria Wilcher‘s family have told that they will not be accepting KFC’s $30 000 donation.

According to family attorney, Bill Kelum the family thinks it is inappropriate to now accept the money.

Yet that too might just be a cynical ploy given the public’s reaction last week to an article via the Laurel (Miss.) Leader-Call which effectively claimed the notion that Victoria Wilcher was ever discriminated against and made to leave a Kentucky fried hoax, and a ruse.

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The article cited a source who said security footage didn’t show the family at any KFC location that day, along with there being  no orders for the meal Victoria supposedly ate—mashed potatoes and sweet tea.

Nevertheless the family would come to insist that the toddler was indeed mistreated and that they were standing by their word.

Nevertheless it didn’t take too long before a gofundme page which by then had already collected over $100K for Victoria Wilcher had been pulled down by the charity, presumably as they too began to wonder if the whole incident was in fact a ruse as more gaping holes in the Victoria Wilcher story began to make itself known.

Despite believing that Victoria Wilcher had never come to be mistreated at the hands of KFC, the outlet, possibly sensing great pr (and quite possibly fearing losing face if they had backed out) maintained the position that they would still give the money to the girl. Despite serious reservations that the incident ever came to happen.

But here’s where it gets tricky. Although the gofundme page came to be closed down, organizers are still holding on to the funds, presumably with the notion that said money will third party executive oversight will be disseminated towards the needs of the girl. A notion that perhaps Victoria Wilcher’s family would be loathe to test, especially after questions of indiscretions on the family’s part have come to be raised.

Making matters easier on the family is the fact that Las Vegas plastic surgeon Frank Stile, who has a nonprofit foundation, will handle the implementation of  cosmetic surgery on behalf of Victoria whilst Florida’s Center for Custom Prosthetics has offered to provide her with a prosthetic eye.

Which is to say perhaps Victoria Wilcher’s family are careful not to be seen as pushing it too much and have been advised in turn to show some degree of good will the public showed has come to show them after  it became apparent a 4 year old girl came to great calamity.