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Victoria Wilcher receives $30 000 from KFC. Did Grandmother lie?

Victoria Wilcher
What really took place at one KFC outlet?

In a sign of good faith, KFC yesterday announced that they will be awarding 3 year old Victoria Wilcher purportedly turned back from one Jackson, Mississippi, KFC $30 000 to a charity in her name so as to assist in the contribution of medical upkeep that a recent pit bull mauling at the hands of her grandfather and his girlfriend which led to the 3 year old suffering heinous physical and emotional trauma.

Victoria Wilcher’s family shut down facebook and gofundme page. 

Kentucky Fried Chicken hoax: How Victoria Wilcher’s family pulled a fast one 

Victoria’s Victories: Three year old Victoria Wilcher’s eye scar get her thrown out of KFC. 

According to the girl’s grandmother, Kelly Mullins, the Jackson outlet had purportedly asked the young girl to leave the store cause her facial disfigurement, the result of the pit bull attack had come to disturb other diners.

Chagrined, Mullins would create a Facebook page, Victoria’s Victories (as of press well over 60K likes exist) where she told of the mistreatment at the hands of the fast food vendor which over the course of days would come to go viral and capturing media attention and of course the attention of KFC executives.

Offered KFC Rick Maynard yesterday: As soon as we were notified of this report on Friday, we immediately began an investigation, as this kind of hurtful and disrespectful action would not be tolerated by KFC,’

‘Regardless of the outcome of our investigation, we have apologized to Victoria’s family and are committed to assisting them. The company is making a $30,000 donation to assist with her medical bills. The entire KFC family is behind Victoria.’

After the family shared the story on Thursday, KFC responded in comment section of the original Facebook post, saying:

‘Please accept our sincere apologies while we try to investigate this incident.’

On Friday, the family posted onto the page, acknowledging the huge response they received.

‘KFC has reached out for more information thanks to the overwhelming support for Victoria,’ they said.

‘Thank you for sharing her story and please continue to pray for her and her recovery. She still has several surgeries in her future and will continue to need our love and support.’

Victoria Wilcher

A message posted Friday evening by another Mississippi KFC franchisee, Dick West of West Quality Food Service in Laurel, offered ‘a big KFC picnic‘ for the child and her family.

West also wrote that he knows the Jackson restaurant owners ‘and they have never in the 50 years they have operated in Jackson allowed anyone coming into their restaurants to be treated with dis-respect.’

In a message to the AP, he wrote, ‘I am sure KFC will make their finding public as soon as the facts are in. In the meantime, I offered to treat Victoria to a picnic because regardless of the outcome of the investigation, she has been thru more than any little girl should and I wanted to give her a special treat.’

That said there has been suggestion on the web that perhaps the grandmother had exaggerated events as they had happened and that in fact she may have been asked to leave and not the child due to her over reactions at the time.

Told one commentator on the web, make of it as you will:

If anyone was wondering, apparently this isn’t the real story of what happened. According to people in the town, Kelly had approached the store manager to ask that they throw several children out because they were staring at Victoria. Not making fun of her or bullying her, just staring. The manager had no reason to throw them out because they weren’t being openly rude or nasty to the point of unreasonableness, so she refused. Then the grandmother started getting angry because the manager wouldn’t do what she said and became so disruptive that she was the one asked to leave. At no point did anyone say that they were being thrown out of the store because of the injuries to Victoria’s face. It was all because the grandmother reacted poorly to children showing a natural curiosity over Victoria’s injuries. Maybe the children’s parents could have asked them to stop staring because it was impolite, but according to the stories going around, they weren’t doing anything over the top.

After they left, the grandmother started going to every news station she could and told everyone that KFC was mean to them, all the while telling them that she was doing a fundraiser to pay for Victoria’s hospital bills. I hope that none of this is true, but it sounds a little too reasonable for my comfort level.

Victoria Wilcher

Victoria Wilcher
Victoria Wilcher and Kelly Mullins

And then there were these following comments on the web that caught my attention:

Ignorance is something like an illness for which there is no cure. Besides having no recover from a dog attack now this little one has to recover from emotional hurt from some ignorant people who should know better. Please give her extra cuddles and hope she makes a quick and full recovery. Amazes me that some people could be so callous to an innocent child. KFC employee as unhealthy as the food KFC serves!

Sometimes you get a rogue employee, and companies do their best but can be taken by surprise. 18 years ago a mothercare employee decided to kick me out the shop for breastfeeding and her horrified colleagues dashed over and asked her what on earth she thought she was doing. Her supervisor took her away.

Would they ask a disfigured war veteran/hero to leave..I think not, so why this beautiful little girl…Disgusting is what it is, some of todays society are reprobates!!!

She was attacked by three of her grandfathers Pit Bulls and he owned 10, really? What the hell is this guy owning 10 Pit Bulls for. Must be some really ignorant people to have this many dangerous dogs around this beautiful little girl.

Sad when humanity is more concerned about having a comfortable dining experience rather than to make comfortable the child’s dealings with a situation such as this. The manager should have sensitivity training with handling situations as this as a more positive solution could have been achieved. Its bad enough that a child had to go through the horror of being attacked by an animal, it’s worse now knowing that people look and make comments and find her ugly in their perfect world. Stay strong little one…..you will be better soon enough and as for KFC, handle it. 

Victoria Wilcher

Victoria's Victories

Victoria's Victories

Victoria's Victories

Victoria's Victories


  1. I thought this story was fishy when I read that the insurance company wouldn’t pay and they didn’t pursue shaming the insurance company, yet they had no problem running to the media and calling out KFC.

  2. If it was the grandmother that made a fuss in KFC and was asked to leave for that reason, why does KFC report there is no video camera footage of the two of them (child and grandmother) being in the KFC at all? One news article also said that there was no record at that particular KFC of anyone ordering only sweet tea and mashed potatoes and gravy.
    I try hard not to believe everything I read but first I read the sad story of the little girl being asked to leave because of her scars. Then I read the whole thing was a hoax – no video of them, so record of order. Then I read the GRANDMOTHER was asked to leave because of her behavior. So why no video or record of order.
    I am angry this child is being used this way.

  3. Smh. Keep buying the bs. Go snuggle your ankle biter. Those little sorry excuses for dogs are responsible for more attacks than a pit.

  4. Says who they are actually struggling. With the lies this family has told I’m not buying I thing they say. And for all we know she could have been mauled by mutts (always pits though). Playing devils advocate for all we know her grandparents could have beaten her or she got into something. Add the grandma used her body to shield the child story. Um if that’s true why isn’t she torn up?

  5. The fact that there are thousands of people who were so gullible as to actually give this scammer money makes me completely lose faith in human beings. Does anyone have common sense anymore?

    People go to jail for stealing much less than $30k. That is where she belongs.

  6. the family should have to pay back every penny they stole from donors. i knew it was a lie. and now a doctor is doing her surgeries for free. the famiy needs to be in jail for child abuse,child neglect, child endangerment and fraud. that includes grandma grandpa and aunt since they are all in on this hoax, now victoria has to live with the media blitz fro the rest of her life. should file fruad on gofundme.com for her lies. a friend of mine needs brain surgery for chiari and cant afford it and not s single donation has been made… maybe she should go lie to the news for attention. as if shes not that kind of lady.

  7. I just don’t understand why the child does qualify for Medicaid. Usually when there is such a struggle and a child is that sick they can easily get Medicaid or All Kids. My daughter has a feeding tube and use a pump also.

  8. actually the little kids just wanted a cool eye patch like hers, which was what the staring was about, it’s drunk granny that has the problem with Victoria’s appearance and is making Victoria ashamed of herself in the process, that girl needs to be kept as far away from that old hag as possible

  9. The 30k from KFC is probably the only money Victoria will ever see, the gofund money? who knows what they intend to do with that, but I doubt a cent of it will go to this poor little girl. Everyone who was there knows the truth, and as soon as we are allowed to speak the shit is gonna hit the fan.

  10. these comments came off her page on FB there still there they havn’t been deleted…one is from someone that was in the KFC when it happened…

  11. there was a comment on facebook may 20, “Victoria’s family is really struggling with
    the insurance company. Currently the are not paying for the feeding
    pump, pole or the formula that goes into her feeding pump (which is
    $2000 for all 3) added to the twice a week trips to Jackson for therapy
    and Dr appointments they are struggling financially. If you can donate
    please do. They need your help”. on june 13, the KFC story came out.

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    Je’vaeh Mayes – 2 y.o. – Temple TX ** [Feb 17]
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  13. This bitch lets ten dogs attack the poor kid and then uses her to scam free chicken…..what a pig.

  14. Sounds like a cash grab to me. Her negligent family is feeling very guilty because it IS their fault she’s scarred.
    TEN pittbulls allowed access to a 3 y.o. child? What kind of people are these???
    I guess if they can raise enough money, they can get the scars fixed and no longer feel guilty, huh?
    I read grandma was kicked out of KFC due to her own tantrum. Ran to the media to get sympathy before the real story was told. What a scam.
    KFC owes grandma nothing but is very kind in helping that poor child.

  15. Yes, I have and that is no reason to believe or disbelieve. The video should tell us everything we need to know.

  16. I think it’s kind of sad that a million people immediately jumped on the bandwagon to condemn KFC with nothing but the word of one woman a week after the incident allegedly happened. At this point if KFC showed up with security tapes that proved she’s lying you would all say they doctored the tapes. Nobody cares about the actual truth, everybody cares about an excuse to kick, scream and act indignant.

  17. Plus, she’s never described WHO told them to leave the restaurant. She always says “they.” No name, no description = probably no person to describe.

  18. This has totally smelled like a scam from the start, but there’s nothing in question about the girl’s condition and injuries. I just hope all the money raised actually goes to helping with her medical treatment and rehab, whether the story is true or not.

  19. She is being accused of lying because her story makes no sense whatsoever and there is not a single corroborating witness. I don’t need anybody else’s comments in order to recognize that her story stinks to high heaven. Remember the gay waitress a few months back who posted a credit card receipt with no tip and a nasty note on it about how they weren’t leaving a tip because she’s gay? That turned out to be a hoax to scam money out of well meaning but extremely gullible people. And there was photographic “evidence” in that case. In this case, there is nothing but the grandmother’s word.

  20. If you read a number of the articles out there – there are a couple that have this text, ie, that which points the finger at the grandma for starting the situation. Think about it – WHO would say something to the manager?? The grandpas dogs did this to the little girl, not KFC! Where is ONE SINGLE WITNESS to corroborate grandmas version of this story? gofundme started with a $20,000 ‘goal’, then the KFC incident hits and whoa, guess what? The ‘goal’ moves to $100,000. Now that national news threw this crap out there, the goal was just recently raised to $200,000!!! Grandma said the insurance would not pay for the formula for the feeding tube, and that cost $550 per month. Well, they have over $100,000 and the $30,000 from KFC, and, let’s not forget, they have insurance. C’mon.

  21. I think it is sad that the grandmother is being accused of lying based on the ramblings of someone that post a negative comment on face book. I read the very same comment a couple days ago.

  22. The grandfather shot 2 of them during the attack. The remaining 8 were taken by authorities immediately after.

  23. It seems to me that they are trying to make it appear that the grandfather (Mr. Mullins) and the owner of the pit bulls who attacked are not the same person. The little girl’s mother has remarried, and her last name is Wilcher. But the news stories from April that cover the original attack call her Victoria Mullins and state that she was 4 years old. I think the last name swap was done to try to distance her from the owner of the dogs. It seems disingenuous at the very least. I wonder what happened to “innocent until proven guilty” with regards to KFC?

  24. Perhaps not going into a trust fund–I read KFC was going to donate to a charity to help cover her medical expenses; I assumed it was a fund as opposed to cash. The gofundme account might be the charity. As for the inconsistent last name it’s most probably the press. A friend of mine died 8 years ago and was cited as being 16, 17 AND 18 years old by different news agencies –__–

  25. Yes, when your charity isn’t making enough money for the lifestyle you want, you go find a way to extort it from a big coorporational entity. That is how it works.

  26. The 30K wasn’t to make it go away, it was to show immediate good will toward the child’s disability. Even though they had that motive, I give them credit for stating they are giving it regardless of what the investigation discovers. This means to me they don’t believe the story either but recognize the child needs all the help she can get, especially if this is extortion by the child’s family.

  27. It was stated the 30k would go to helping pay bills and there’s no mention of any trust fund. KFC would be smart to put it in a fund that is not controlled by the family, at least until the investigation of the occurrence is final. The six plus figures that have been donated through gofundme is probably going to be spent by the grandparents anyway. I just hope that goes to her medical bills. It probably will, as the doctors and hospital will know it is money available.
    If the facts bear out in the grandmother’s favor, I apologize for my skepticism, but allowing a 3 or 4 year old to be near ten dangerous dogs who may be named Victoria Mullins or Victoria Wilcher (Did they lie to the press about the childs name and age during the original dog attack or now? Knowing how bad the press is at getting facts correct, I suppose it could be the presses mistake, but I don’t put much credibility in a parent or guardian who keeps ten dangerous breed dogs in an area they can get to the child. They sound like the type of people who would put a finger in a bowl of chili.

  28. Yes, that is the comment stated in the article above. What I’m asking is where did the source of this comment come from. Where can find confirmation that this is true?

  29. If anyone was wondering, apparently this isn’t the real story of what happened. According to people in the town, Kelly had approached the store manager to ask that they throw several children out because they were staring at Victoria. Not making fun of her or bullying her, just staring. The manager had no reason to throw them out because they weren’t being openly rude or nasty to the point of unreasonableness, so she refused. Then the grandmother started getting angry because the manager wouldn’t do what she said and became so disruptive that she was the one asked to leave. At no point did anyone say that they were being thrown out of the store because of the injuries to Victoria’s face. It was all because the grandmother reacted poorly to children showing a natural curiosity over Victoria’s injuries —–It states so within the WHOLE article.

  30. Where are the pit bulls now? With grandfather? Where is the mother tha hasn’t commented. I don’t believe even the lowest, meanest person ever would ask this precious child to leave because of her looks! Fishy…smell!

  31. Well the money is going into a trust–KFC is not dumb–so looks like the girl gets the money at least

  32. Just to note, the goal was 20k prior to the news breaking. After that, it was raised to 100k. Once they got 95k, raised to 200k. All this, and not one comment as to why their charitable need went up 10x. This does not include the 30k KFC committed.

    Is that how charity works?

  33. The KFC donation is just peanuts….I went to the gofundme site and they have raised $114K from their goal of $200K. I hate to be so cynical, but the internet is full of scams, and this story stinks to me. I really find it hard to believe this would happen in a fast food place. If this is indeed a big lie, I hope all the guillable people who donated demand their money back.

  34. It doesn’t matter. KFC paid 30k to make it go away while people remember it. Half or less of the people commenting will never care or follow up after the next thing happens to get them angry…. probably never donated either….. Grandma will get a new truck and the poor little girl will have to live with her horrible family is how this little story will turn out I am pretty sure.

  35. She told her story and now it is hard for her to tell the truth. Support needs to be given to the KFC outlet with a possible lawsuit when the truth does finally come out.

  36. Regardless of whether the story is true or not, the little girl is adorable. Only blessing to this little girl and family.

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