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Justin Ross Harris wife, Leanna tells funeral: He is a wonderful daddy.

Justin Ross Harris wife
Justin Ross Harris wife still believes he is innocent.

In an emotional funeral service for Justin Ross Harris‘ son, Cooper Harris this afternoon, the incarcerated Home Depot web developers’ wife, Leanna Harris told gatherers that she believes her husband is innocent and a wonderful father.

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Told Leanna Harris during a funeral service for her son, Cooper Harris at Alabama’s University Church of Christ: ‘Am I angry with Ross? Absolutely not. It never ever has crossed my mind. Ross is and always will be, if we have more children, a wonderful daddy, a wonderful leader for our children.’

Adding: ‘Cooper meant the world to him, there was not a day go by that we did not say how blessed we were to have him in our lives.’

Leanna said she had felt compelled to speak in defense of her husband and remember Cooper.

She told him as Justin Ross Harris was allowed to listen in: ‘Ross I love you, I am doing this for you okay.

‘I should be crumpled in a heap of snot and tears into the dirt, but The Lord is holding me up…he is holding Ross up.’

During the 22 month’s old funeral service, Leanna Ross would also play a phone conversation she had with her husband yesterday, where he remains without bail ahead of a pre trial hearing after coming to be charged of homicide murder and second degree cruelty to children after his son came to die being locked up in the father’s SUV for over 7 hours. An instance that the father has insisted despite increasingly contradictory evidence suggesting otherwise was entirely accidental.

Told the father over a speaker phone: ‘I’m sorry… Thank you for everything you’ve done, I’m sorry, I love you, thank you.’

Leanna Ross would tell of her son: ‘He was perfect,

‘He changed my life and he changed Ross’ life.’

Justin Ross Harris wife

The mother would also recall how her son, Cooper had struggled to sleep in the two nights before his death and had spent the night sleeping in between her and Ross in their bed.

She remembers waking and looking at him.

‘I will cherish that moment forever.’

Also speaking at the funeral service was Leanna’s father, Dock Taylor who described Cooper as a ‘wonderful little man’.

Adding: ‘He lived full for 22-months of his life.

‘His family loved and adored and worshipped him and we will for the rest of our days.’

He added that ‘nobody in this world’ loved him more than Ross and Leanna.

Justin Ross Harris could be heard crying over the phone as Dock Taylor spoke and the religious service progressed.

The latest damning evidence against the father includes an admission that he had researched child deaths inside vehicles and at what temperatures that they could occur prior to his son’s death in the family SUV last week.

Todays comments at her son’s funeral were the first comments Leanna Harris has publicly made since June 18, when her husband, Justin Ross Harris, came to be charged in the death of his son, Cooper Harris. He has pleaded not guilty.

Justin Ross Harris wife, Leanna tells funeral: He is a wonderful daddy.

Justin Ross Harris wife

Justin Ross Harris wife