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Michael Dunn forced his wives to have sex with swingers and demanded more thugs be killed.

Michael Dunn wives
An X-ray of Davis’ body shows the trajectory of the bullet that ended his life after severing an aorta. Where there clues as to how volatile Michael Dunn was and what he was capable of?

As legal scholars digest the recent Michael Dunn, Florida court ruling which failed to convict him on the charge of first degree murder of 17 year old Jordan Davis, new alarming revelations are being made as to the character and activities of the shooter.

Michael Dunn gets away with murder. Fuxk Jordan Davis he’s black. 

In an exclusive with the UK’s dailymail, the outlet tells that his past wives and witnesses can attest that Michael Dunn, a 47 year old software developer actively sought the killing of what he considered ‘thugs,’ and their distasteful ways.

In one letter he sent to his 20 year old daughter, Rebecca, whilst in prison, Dunn incredulously told if more ‘thugs’ were kicked they might change their ‘thuggish’ behavior.

The claims came to be made public after the jury revealed a mistrial on the charge of first degree murder, telling that they effectively could not agree on the most serious charge of first degree murder of Jordan Davis.

Along with the assertion of a letter he wrote whilst in prison, former next door neighbor Charles Hendrix in a series of taped interviews with Dunn’s former wives told how they described instances of alleged wife beating and mandatory visits at swinger clubs where Dunn would force his spouses to perform for his viewing pleasure.

Michael Dunn wives
Michael Dunn with his present girlfriend.

Hendrix would later reveal that the former two wives left Michael Dunn because they feared for their lives.

One former wife claims that Dunn allegedly held a gun to her head as well as forcing her to have sex with strangers at swingers clubs, just two days after she wed Dunn.

Told another former neighbor of Dunn: ‘He was not a nice man and we steered clear of him,’ 

‘I used to see his first wife walking with her daughter. She always looked so scared. She was not that friendly and we kept our distance. Sometimes you’d hear them shouting out in the backyard. He would swear a lot and say some nasty things.’

Hendrix would tell that he found Dunn an ‘arrogant man’ who believed he was intellectually superior to others.

He said both of Dunn’s wives fled to his home to seek help after being allegedly verbally abused and physically beaten.

Hendrix added that Dunn’s first wife, Sara, was from Mexico and his second, Clara, from Columbia. Both were permanent residents but did not have U.S. citizenship.

Hendrix alleged that Dunn would taunt the women that he would get them deported and they would never see their children again.

Sara had a son while Clara had two daughters.

Michael Dunn wives
Michael Dunn and one of his former wives, Clara, a Colombian native.

In his allegations, Hendrix claimed all the children were terrified of their step-dad and avoided him by staying over at his home

Hendrix said he once saw Sara with a swollen lip and a bruise on her face.

‘She had come to me crying that they had a real bad row about drugs and that he had threatened to blow her brains out,’ he told.

In another letter that was posted to a Facebook page set up by his daughter to drum up support and donations for her father, Dunn expresses how racist the blacks are in Jacksonville.

Dunn would also compare himself to George Zimmerman and says he had a stronger case than the former neighborhood watch volunteer.

Dunn wrote: ‘It’s almost as if they’re trying to hold me for as long as possible, because they know they have such a weak case against me and no chance of winning. Cory, my attorney, says I have a much stronger case of self-defense than Zimmerman does. He said that I should not worry if he loses, but it’s a great sign if he wins.’

Another letter penned by Dunn, who prior to the verdict had no previous criminal convictions, stated: ‘I just got off the phone with you and we were talking about how racist the blacks are up here. The more time I am exposed to these people the more prejudiced against them I become. I suppose the white folks who live here are pretty much anti-black, at least the ones who have been exposed to them.’

During Michael Dunn’s trial, his lawyer maintained that Dunn had the right to shoot under Florida’s controversial Stand your Ground law. That said many have since taken to the web to voice grave concern as to the way that law is being interpreted and used by potential zealots as an excuse to indiscriminately pick fights and kill those individuals they dislike with impunity.

It is not understood if Dunn keeps in touch with his former wives.

Michael Dunn wives
Michael Dunn’s daugher, 20 year old Rebecca.