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Fatoum Al-Jassem, Syrian girl stoned to death for using Facebook.

Fatoum Al-Jassem
The value of a woman is worthless in certain parts of the world. But why?

Fatoum Al-Jassem, a Syrian girl came to be stoned to death for using Facebook. The stoning came after a local Sharia (religious) court declared that using the social network was tantamount to adultery.

*** UPDATE : Fatoum Al- Jassem, Syrian girl stoning is fake. Propaganda war.

The stoning told Iran’s FARS news agency was backed by Sunni militant group, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). During court proceedings, ISIS said that the girl demonstrated immoral behavior and deserved to die because of it after she was caught having a Facebook account. The stoning is said to have taken place in the Syrian city of Rakka.

FARS news agency went on to tell that ISIS is known to be a hardline group based in Iraq. In recent years the enclave has fought an active war against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria as well as government forces in Iraq.

The group’s ideology is based on extremely strict interpretation of Islam.

Interestingly the Al-Nusra Front operates a Facebook account of its own. During the sentencing the court declined to tell why men were allowed to maintain Facebook accounts and why women were not.

Despite the horrific story coming out, some have wondered aloud if the story is necessarily true given the fact that ISIS is widely hated, even within the Sunni opposition and that opponents would have every incentive to make up stories about the entity.

The Syrian conflict in recent times has led to the influx of mass propaganda coming out of different factions and sides in Syria, effectively making it impossible to determine whether such stories are necessarily true or not.

Image: A scene from the movie The Stoning of Soraya M.

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And then there was this comment on the web that made me wonder as well:

Irrespective of whether this story is true or false, the fact remains that some religions ( or the clerics preaching the religion) insist on blindly following whatever is written in their holy books, irrespective of whether they are relevant to today’s civilisation or not. The followers are brainwashed to accept whatever stupid edict that the leaders mete out. This story may be false , but there have been stoning to death in other cases. And in all cases it is the woman who suffers , even if the man is at fault. This makes you wonder whether the clerics who pronounce such judgements are all Homosexuals. Otherwise why should they only target the weaker sex? The biggest tragedy is that the followers accept these judgements as if they are mute cattle being led to slaughter.





  1. These are the guys that the west supports
    These are the guys that make the “opposition” in Syria
    These are the guys that have slaughtered dozens of Christian villages

    Whats wrong with this “picture” ?

  2. The picture is from a movie BTW, but reality is equally as brutal.

    Truly inhumane people could do this.

    It’s always sexually frustrated males in a theocracy.

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