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Kim Pham blog last entry: Be bold go forward and live like hell.

Kim Pham blog
The gems of insight that one young woman left for the zest of life prior to her own sudden demise. Bittersweet contemplation and acceptance of the ‘universe’ that we can’t control.

Kim Pham, the 23 year old student who was savagely beaten to death outside of a Santa Ana, Californian nightclub this past Saturday has been found to have left a rousing final blog post for Elite Daily whom she blogged for.

The post on the noted generation Y outlet ironically portends to the rigors of living life and one wonders her sense of being when she was accosted by the gang that beat her senseless. An attitude that in the end may have taken her life as ‘she lived like hell….’

The blog, titled: ‘These Are the 7 Biggest Fears That You Need To Avoid Having In Your Twenties’ has since gone on to be featured on Elite Daily.

In the blog, Kim Pham calls on people her age to stop being fearful.

On the ‘Fear of Missing Out,’ a rationale she said was ‘empty’, she wrote: ‘We all have this guilt that tells us we should be doing one thing when we choose to do another.

‘We may even choose to justify it by announcing it on Facebook or Twitter to receive likes and lighthearted comments that perhaps make us feel more at ease about being “out studying the babes instead of studying for a midterm.” Don’t be a fool. Attend to the things you need to do in order to grow a better you.’

She tells her contemporaries to stop worrying about ‘Not Being Invited to the party,’ instead claiming that it is merely the universe’s way of ‘telling you that you’ve got more valuable things to be doing with your time.

On the detriments of social media, in the third part of her missive, ‘Fear That We Don’t Compare’, she wrote that spending hours stalking people online is pointless. Yes the bitter irony of what would befall is too heinous ….

Tells Pham: ‘We are taught that with photos, we select the ones where smiles are fresh and forward — the good is often highlighted. As for your own life, don’t forget that sometimes the most beautiful lessons in life stem from the unconventional. The elevated focus on showing everyone how much of a superstar you are on social media is quite unnecessary.’

In her post on the theme of the ‘Fear of the Unknown, or What the Future Holds’ Pham offers this gem: ‘The greatest harm we can do to ourselves is to not take the chance.’

Other ‘Fears’ she addresses include ‘Fear of Being Lonely’, ‘Fear of Rejection’ and ‘Fear of Getting Hurt.’

‘Perhaps in our generation of self-promotion, egos yield a delicate tiptoe around the subject of getting hurt or being disappointed,’ she concludes. ‘However, we need to recognize that this fear should not paralyze us from feeling, living and loving.

‘If you are forthright in your own heart’s honest intent to love, you have nothing to worry about. Be bold, go forward, and love like hell.’

Since her savage beating which left her brain dead before mortally succumbing the next day, Kim Pham’s family has kept her body on life support after discovering their daughter was an organ donor. Something that portends to the young woman’s attitude towards life and the greater good of the universe that she blogged about.

Told Kim Pham’s stepsister Lisa: ‘She would go out of her way to help others and never expect anything back from them’,

 ‘That’s the kind of person she is.’

Since Kim Pham’s death, authorities have told they have arrested one of 5 suspects involved in the brutal beating of Kim Pham who was relentlessly beaten and kicked at after being knocked on to the ground by the thugs.

In addition cops are offering a $5000 reward for information that leads into the arrest for the arrest of the four other suspects.

Reiterated Santa Ana Police Corporal Anthony Bertagna: ‘The suspects were listed as two males and three females, Hispanic, between 20 and 25 years of age.’

Since Kim Pham’s beating, memorial posters and flowers have been placed outside the club where she was mortally assaulted, whilst friends and relatives have spread posters online pleading for information into the attack.

Commentators on the web have wondered how it came to be that onlookers did not step into to assist Kim Pham whilst she was savagely being beaten or for that matter her beauty marked her as the wrong candidate for such a crime in the first place.

A donation page was also set up for the family, but Pham’s sister later said that they did not want to receive donations and would be returning the money.

Anyone with any information is urged to call the Santa Ana Police Department at (714) 245-839. You can also call OC Crime Stoppers at (855) TIP-OCCS.


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Kim Pham blog

Kim Pham blog



  1. This is very sad. How could anyone be so cruel, especially whoever kicked her in the head when she was already down and being beaten by someone else. Justice must be served.

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