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Video of women who claims she was violated by TSA agents at San Diego Airport surfaces.

Ashley Jessica
Ashley Jessica

Ashley Jessica, a Phd student and researcher from Toronto, Canada has gone on and posted a video in which she goes on to argue shows that she was violated at the hands of a TSA agent during a body check.

The clip, which lasts just over 3 minutes was taken on the 23rd of May in which Ashley Jessica argues she was unnecessarily touching by a female agent.

The clip came about after Jessica and her mother insisted on a full body scan in which they both took turns filming their respective pat downs. Jessica an activist who fronted a national TSA opt out campaign last year in all likelihood sought to document what she perceived to be indiscreet behavior at the hands of TSA agents.

During the pat down Jessica and her mother are told by the agent that they would receive an extensive pat down which would involve going all the way up the leg.

At the time both Jessica and her mother had asked that the TSA agent not touch her vagina or breasts.

In the clip the TSA screener first places her hand on Jessica’s breasts, prompting the following response from Jessica: ‘Sorry, you just touched my boob.’

After Jessica tells the TSA agent that she does not want her breasts touched, the TSA agent threatens to stop the screening process, effectively prohibiting Jessica from flying.

Acquiescing Jessica allows the pat down to continue only to flinch when the agent feels high up on the inner part of her leg.

Declares Jessica as she finally steps away from the agent:

‘She just touched my vagina, seriously, that was not my upper thigh.’

Posted Jessica on her twitter feed the day after the incident:

‘Was violated pretty badly by TSA at San Diego International Airport yesterday. Video will be on my YouTube channel.’

Since having gone on to post the video, several users have gone on to write that the TSA agent was acting within guidelines which only elicited the following response from Jessica:

‘To all those people saying that I’m “overreacting” – if you went up to someone on the street and touched them like that you’d probably be arrested. It’s really sad that so many people have habituated to this type of treatment.’

An assertion that may indeed have merit but perhaps fails to acknowledge the real world complexities of flying in today’s environment of post terrorism and security concerns, nonetheless one senses that Ashley Jessica’s assertion that government may have over reached its boundaries in the name of freedom and liberty may not be a far fetched one after all as citizens come to accept that behavior or protocol that may have once been unthinkable have now become the norm.

via InfoWars.com

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The Delicious drama of the Transportation Securities Administration (TSA) has finally arrived onto your knickers.



  1. Ty sir for speaking with a sense of reality. I see miss thing hasnt attacked you yet. Im in total agreement with you on this. I feel a whole lot safer on a jet knowing that EVERYONE has been scanned/searched for weapons and other items that could bring catastrophic death to all people on the flight. Im am not a nervous or paranoid person, but the May right after 9/11 I experienced my first and only Anxiety Attack on a plane leaving Orlando, Fl when upon takeoff an unstable intoxicated man began to threaten that he was going to take the plane down. I did not fly for a couple yrs after that, until distance made it necessary. I now feel safe when I fly. Do I like all the time it takes with the extra measures? No not always, but I find the TSA employees to be always polite and proffessional. People like this young woman only bring chaos and tention to a situation that is needed these days. She has no consideration for anyone else but herself and obviously needs to grow up and stop drawing such negative attention to herself. Im sure she is a drama queen in many other areas of her life. Ty for backing me up here…she was very rude to me.

  2. She actually didn’t get that you were referencing 9/11. Honestly, the only thing TSA annoys me with is the amount of fluids I can take. Who cares if they keep me away from the bar/my gate for a minute. This dunce in the story was absolutely a drama queen, and people just LOVE to think that this is some assault on their “personal rights”. They can drive from Canada to SoCal. Or better yet, go through the body scanner like everyone else and be done with it in a matter of seconds.

  3. You are a moron, and someone who obviously has never left their little podunk of town much less ever flown.

    Let me explain it to you:

    Police, TSA, and for that matter ME (if I place you under citizen’s arrest) can put my hands on you. Maybe you forgot about a certain incident (or ten) where people getting onto planes unsearched had dire consequences.

    I’m guessing your retarded self didn’t read the part where she refused the stand-up scanner.

    Here’s the deal. If you don’t want to fly, then DRIVE. Good luck driving from Toronto to San Diego. I fly about 20 times a year out of that very airport, and I’ve been searched like this maybe five times since 2001. And you know what? I don’t give a shit if they are trying to do their jobs and keeping me away from the bar for a minute. This is the price of flying. You deal with it, or you are a drama queen and hold people like me up from getting to where I need to be.

    Go on, cry… complain… stomp your feet… write a letter. Write a whole diatribe about your personal rights. You want personal rights? Stay at home, or drive.

  4. I can assure you Miss Thiing im in complete control of my faculties. Why you feel the need to resort to aculusations of mental illness and foul language only shows what a fool you are. Im not paranoid and I dont like anyone referring to my mother as a bitch. Be real careful who you chose to cha cha with you vapid twit!

  5. No one has a right (even if it’s their job) to touch another human being if they do not wish to be touched. The TSA does all sorts of devious and underhanded things and one of those things is touching people against their will. They even pat down children, people in wheel chairs, grandmothers on walkers, etc. They are power hungry and they think that sort of behavior is fine as long as it is part of the job.

    BTW You must be one paranoid SOB to think people are just going to start
    slitting throats, taking over the cockpit and then fly the plane into a
    skyscraper. I think you might want to seek out a mental health provider to get help with that.
    Because you are scared for nothing and you obviously think everyone
    should have the same level of distrust and paranoia as you have. That
    happened one time and it was more than likely an inside job and it had never happened prior to 9/11. I doubt it
    will ever happen again in our lifetime. You need to get a grip and go outside because I have a feeling you haven’t left your home since 9/11.

  6. What a little drama queen, grow up and let the woman do her job or would you rather someone on your plane start slitting throats, taking over the cockpit, killing the pilots and flying your plane into a skyscraper? You could have chosen to be x-rayed, but I guess you were concerned they would see your vagina. I dont think this woman had any interest whatsoever in your vagina. I have a suggestion….stop flying and rent a car and drive yourself to where you need to go.

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