Home Scandal and Gossip TSA agent leaves rapper a nice note after busting him with weed.

TSA agent leaves rapper a nice note after busting him with weed.


‘C’mon son..’

These are the two words making the rounds in the latest faux pas within the ambits of what is otherwise known as the TSA whom it seems is attracted to scandal the way a C grade celebrity is attracted to flashing media bulbs.

dailynews: Transportation Security Administration officers allegedly allowed a rapper to keep pot they found in his luggage and let him off with just a note.

Freddie Gibbs tweeted a picture earlier this week of what appears to be a bag of marijuana next to a TSA note of inspection scribbled with “C’mon son.”

“The TSA found my weed and let me keep it,” Gibbs bragged on his Twitter account.

If Gibbs’ allegations are true, it’s the second incident of officers leaving a questionable note in passengers’ luggage.

In October, a TSA officer was fired after jotting “get your freak on girl” next to a sex toy she had in her bag.

Well it seems giving someone a bit of advice or a sweet pat on the bottom will as it did in October get you fired which is exactly what one can expect to happen to the TSA agent who let off Gibbs. Call it one kind deed getting you in more trouble than you bargained for or just one stupid TSA agent not doing his job properly and hauling Gibbs ass in. Judging from Gibbs yapping his mouth off one can be pretty sure the TSA agent that let off Gibbs is now wishing that he hauled Gibb’s ass in. But that’s sometimes what happens when you think you can be nice to someone who’s breaking the rules, you’re the one who gets yolk on their face instead. Who knows maybe the TSA agent was a fan of Gibbs. The operative word was would be probably be a good description of the mess the TSA agent just got themselves in. Oh well, it seems not everyone has the ability to be tough when they need to be.

Don’t you wish you come across the same agent next time you try and smuggle your personal eightball on your next flight?