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Woman with afro is subjected to pat down search by the TSA because her hair might contain explosives.

How many bombs can you detect in Ms Brantley's afro?

The world refuses to make sense again…

In their unrelenting ethos of keeping the skies safe for us it seems TSA has once again over stepped the bounds of proprietary by subjecting a woman, Isis Brantley with large afro haircut (yes they’re still trendy…) to a humiliating pat down of her afro whilst she recently waited to board a flight at Hartsfied-Jackson International, Georgia.

Going down an elevator embankment, Ms Brantley was loudly beseeched by two TSA officers to stop whilst they proceeded there and then in full view of other passengers to pat down her, ahem, her afro, cause you never know how many bombs women of color with wild hairdos and negative stereo reputations people can pack into their locks.

TSA has responded by disclosing that they are sometimes required to give additional screening in order to ensure the highest level of intimidation and sacrilege of our personal rights safety amongst passengers.

The moral of the story? One day when you forget to give yourself a proper bikini wax some TSA officer will abruptly stop you and ask that you remove your daks there and then cause one can never be sure what willy promiscuous women with unshaven pubes terrible adventures you have in store for the flying community.

So much for a progressive society…but at least you can be sure to have a very safe flight right? Whatever safe means anymore…


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