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Video: Pissed off woman gropes TSA agent; ‘See how it feels!’

Carol Jean Price gropes TSA agent. Via you tube
Carol Jean Price gropes TSA agent. Via you tube

A Florida woman turned the tables on a TSA agent when she groped the agent patting her down because she wanted them to know how intrusive it felt. The worse part is that the woman, Carol Jean Price was a former TSA agent herself.

The incident (captured on video, see below) occurred at Southwest Florida International airport in Ft Myers (yep Florida is sure crazy) whereby Price claimed the agent had inappropriately ‘grabbed’ at her breasts and crotch during a screening. Then again one could wonder is it ever appropriate to touch someone’s breasts or crotch but such are the demands of air travel in the post 9/11 era.

Price’s lawyer, John Mills has argued that the incident has been blown out of proportion and that his client did not touch the agent as intrusively as she was touched. Then again why touch her at all?

At present it is thought that the incident may be a result of some harbored personal animosity between Price and former work mates yet one could posit to wonder if the response was also tempted by moral ambivalence as to the efficacy of the pat downs and whether they are intrusive. One can only wonder if at some point in the past Price herself had conducted a pat down that made her feel queasy and undecided, feelings which may have been brought out with the recent passing of her mother, who’s funeral she was forced to miss after she was taken off her flight and held in custody.

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The Delicious drama of the Transportation Securities Administration (TSA) has finally arrived onto your knickers.



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