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Khloe Kardashian would like to show you her double chin now that she put away her make up kit.


A picture sometimes is worth a thousand words…

Kids the more I look at the above picture the more I am resigned to look for my secret make up kit (I always held out that someone would want to pay me for my picture one day too) and begin the undesirable task of reaching through this page and deftly applying all sorts of make up to Khloe. Not so much as to save her from herself, but more so we can be saved from her…

dailymail.co.uk: In the unforgiving daylight, Khloe looked tired and a somewhat bloated as she went to meet her instructor.

Khloe was dressed casually in full black workout gear.

At least Khloe knows no matter how much we may complain that we’ve been duped (and you know we have) bixch ain’t bugging cause she’s got her money bank operation on autopilot and according to her accountant the mere mention of her name whether it’s wrapped in a purple ribbon diamond crusted box or a smashed up yesterday’s liquor box hardly matters at this point. Waking up and not having to rush and pour a ton of goo all over her face has on some level resurrected Khloe who prefers offending us with the same air a tattered show girl chain smoking and swilling her moonshine before her evening performance in 17 minutes.

A compelling reason to believe in make up after all...

But as Khloe and her double chin, buck butt and little for desired attitude strut the columns of our TV sets in search of a dollar bill the agonizing question will always remain- what is it about this perfect mess that keeps drawing us her back to her raccoon lair. Could it have to do with something that mankind has always been transfixed by horrific road accidents?

If only she went back to wearing make up before she hit the gym the world would be a perfect place after all…

Hmm, you better work hard for that money Khloe...
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  • micsmic

    Khloe’s father is a man named Alex Roldan who is a hairdresser and used to be Kris’ hairdresser at the time Khloe was conceived. Check out pics of him on google images, google his name.

  • Roger

    The Kardashians are a beautiful and talented family. We are blessed to be able to keep up with their goings on on a daily basis. Can’t wait for the younger girls to have a spinoff show of their own.

  • jo1glex

    Oh, yeah.  We mustn’t say mean things about Khloe Kardashian.  If that’s what gets one consigned to hell, it’s a big, big place.  Big as Khloe’s…well, never mind.

  • Tatum

    whoever wrote this ignorant trash is a fucking idiot and deserves to burn in hell. 

  • Enough of this family!!  Sign the petition at Boycottkim ((dotcom)) 178,000+ signatures so far!