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It’s confirmed Marc Jacobs is now the undisputed hot bixch of St Barts.


Which two hawt bixches insisted on frolicking in matching Louis Vuiton trunks this weekend at St Barts?

Would you hit it?

Kids Marc Jacobs is on holidays (and you know after a solid year of preening it he needed the getaway…) and to be sure he’s been having the time of his life. There to help him have the time of his life is on off again toy boy Lorenzo (who as you can also tell by the pictures needed to bring his peen out to pasture as well) who between the pair of them have carved up a sunny side of heaven. Not that the locals and the jet set kids flying into St Barts this pre new years week mind…

dailymail.co.uk: Their appearance on holiday together started rumours that they were rekindling their romance.

But Marc Jacobs looked more interested in his book than his ex-boyfriend Lorenzo Martone yesterday.

As the fashion designer relaxed on the beach his former fiance tried to grab his attention in a pair of tight white shorts.

More interested in his book? Or more interested in the reflection of his nubile pecs and well defined shoulder blades glistening in reflection of a bashful surf? Yes kids even mother nature has gone a shade of red admiring the hawt bixch we call Marc ‘I just wanted to show you not only am i famous designer but I am now also a famous nearly naked hawt bixch too’ Jacobs.

'Marc where are you darling? I want you to notice my bountiful pecs...'

Jacobs, 48, wore an understated pair of black swimming trunks and was quite content to just bathe in the sun.

Lorenzo, however, had different ideas and appeared to be trying his hardest to grab Marc’s attention.

Kids, I have to be honest, me and the chipmunks Fyodor and Mazeltov are blushing at no end. Is Marc playing hard to get? It after all does seem a little out of character for our media lothario who by now knows a hawt thing when he sees it.

'Lorenzo darling, do you mind moving out of the way the sun? I need to make sure my tan spreads evenly.'

He wore a very tight pair of white trunks and accessorised it with a cream silk head scarf.

Lorenzo, who is an advertising executive, turned the beach into his own private fashion shoot.

He took a couple of pictures of a sunbathing Jacobs before turning the iPhone on himself and smiling for the camera.

Ahh, boys will be boys and the beaches of St Barts will always be used as staged self congratulatory photo shoots worthy of Madame Anna Wintour’s glowing affirmation. Yes, even Anna has sent me smoke signals to the effect that her prized warrior is making her blush by the desk this morning…

'Lorenzo I have to be honest, I like having you around, but as long as you understand some ground rules....'

Dressing like Rambo wasn’t enough for Martone as he showed just how he manages to keep his tattooed body in such good shape.

Equipped with his headphones he headed off for a jog along Saline Beach before going for a dip in the sea.

Marc hardly batted an eyelid and stayed enthralled by his book The Petting Zoo by Jim Carroll.

The Petting Zoo. Strange from this angle I could have sworn the title of the book was’ Petting myself into submission.

'See it says here in the book. To honor and adore thy master...Are you getting my drift Lorenzo?'

The creative director of Louis Vuitton was on the beach with one of his own trusty Marc Jacobs handbags and took full advantage of the Caribbean sun.

The couple, who got engaged in March 2009, called it quits last year with Martone announcing the news via Twitter in July 2010.

He posted: ‘thanks for t notes. yes, I saw t press today,’ he wrote. ‘We are not together, haven’t been in 2 months. And we will not comment on it. Sorry. We r fine (sic).’

This Saturday as the St Barts fireworks start blaring over the new years eve sky, Marc will slowly look over at his boy toy who will giddily look back and make to hold Marc in his arms before Marc will retort ‘ Gal, get out of the way, I’m trying to catch my reflection in the fireworks….’

Don’t you wish you were as hawt as them too bixches? I know I do…

'Hmm, there seems to be something stuck up my nose? It must be my ego Lorenzo...'
'There you go again Lorenzo trying to upstage me with all them sit-ups. Really you should be more grateful bixch...'
'Never mind. I'll just take a nap and dream about my favorite person in the world-me.'

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