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Marc Jacobs is making being gay respectable again.


The perfect poster boy for the ‘gay’ set.

Looks like Marc Jacobs is on a tear and that’s a good thing because the ‘gay’ scene has been in a little bit of flunk lately. Confirmed pretty boy, and anti celebrity (according to Marc who has suddenly changed his ways,cause let’s face it he’s the ‘real’ celebrity…) Marc has been making all our straight asses sit up and take notice lately, and the saliva stains are starting to build up.

And of course if trash bags Gawker are telling us this you know we are obliged to pony up and listen:

Yes, gay men and women are still second class citizens in this country, and to try to get our marriage rights, the Human Rights Campaign and the other gay organizations are always trying to make America comfortable with people of the same gender getting married and raising a test-tube baby.

Wow, are Gawker onto something, here we were thinking that gays were to be avoided and perpetually ridiculed but because someone like Marc can make pretty handbags and the things we like to wear with our handbags then not all gays are that bad in the first place.

The great sham of the gay movement is that it is trying to convince the hetero society that we are just like them. Sure, there are many gay men and women living boring lives in the suburbs trying to raise some babies, but still, we are not like them. We will never be like them, and trying to hide it is only going to make them suspect us and hate us even more.

So there you are- if Gawker feels comfortable about Marc being gay then you too can be comfortable if you happen to be a pansy. Mmh, looks like life in America is getting more tolerable one handbag at a time- yowza!