Home Fashion NY Fashion week faux pas and gossip- Day 2/3.

NY Fashion week faux pas and gossip- Day 2/3.

Photo by Scallywag
Photo by Scallywag

Yes fellow Vagabonds, it’s that time again, the time for us Scallywags here to spill all the delicious dirt heard and seen at the tents. You asked and here we have it… read on if you dare.

1.    A certain very famous PR person ran a certain very important show a 40+ minuets late and blamed the previous designer for not vacating the room in time. I guess playing the old blame game is in fashion this spring.

2.    A certain Project Runway contestant desperate for more press was seen lurking around and following photographers. Perhaps someone should tell him the trick that most celebs know all too well… paying the paparazzi to at least pretend to be interested in you for your 15 minutes two seconds of fame.

3.    A certain A-lister having a diva moment meltdown, storming the front stairs, yelling at the barrage of assistant following in her dust.

4.    An off-duty model in a way-too-cool outfit sitting by the fountain in Lincoln Center, only to have the water shoot up and—that darn gravity—fall back down, drenching her in the process.

5.    A model slipping on the runway.

6.    No fashion week is complete without a Lindsay Lohan spectacle moment. Apparently the press corps (including me) went gaga when the troll arrived to take her seat at the Cynthia Rowley show only to have a paparazzo rush up and try to take her picture. He was thrown out and stripped of his credentials and camera and the audience including Lilo were seen to be applauding. Heavens us…

7.    Zinc Magazine‘s new fashion editor Alexa Winner being followed like an umbilical cord to disgraced aspiring socialite Melissa Berkelhammer. Now that’s a strange pair if we ever saw one…
8.    Which Editor in Chief was seen whining in front of Nadine Johnson Pr staff at the after party for Giorgio Armani at Indochine this past Friday night unable to get in?

Gossip from the tents: NY Fashion Week arrives.