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Some Girls are born winners. Is Alexa Winner the new ‘It’ Girl?


Image courtesy of stylelikeu.com

I’d heard the rumors and even the gossip and from time to time I had noticed the interesting visage of a regal blonde vixen strutting for various society types and being associated with various fashion catalysts.

That said after more sightings and reports that somehow this new girl about town- Alexa Winner was more that just some photogenic mobile pony show (which is what most of you are…) I decided to investigate for myself and find out what the commotion was all about and more frankly to see if this sassy hot to trot girl was perhaps the new it girl- a vacuum it seems that has been left open with the wavering fortunes of the perceived winners of society and vanity- Olivia Palermo and even Tinsley Mortimer.

It’s a late Sunday afternoon and I am already running late to my interview with a young blonde femme fatale who is currently sitting waiting for me in the back of some French/Morrocan cafe coolly scanning the world in front of her. I at last finally make my entry when the tall young lady, who for some reason I can not as of yet totally understand why rises to accommodate me with the most effortless elan possible. It is if this is what she does every other day, meet and greet journalists, society, fashion folk, philanthropists, celebrities and designers everyday. Never mind a sharp tongued irresolute journalist such as myself…oh well.

What in fact makes this young woman’s recent ascent up the social and fashion ladder remarkable is, even though only a very recent graduate of the well heeled Parsons College here in NYC is that for ostensible purposes she’s made headway where most girls her age are content to

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  • I love rendaig these articles because they’re short but informative.

  • mobilePHONE

    the answer: YES!

  • Harry Potter

    I think you are missing the “sh” in front of the “it” for your article. This article celebrates mediocrity at its finest….