Home Scandal and Gossip Did Beyonce rip off Italian pop star Lorella Cuccerini?

Did Beyonce rip off Italian pop star Lorella Cuccerini?


Lorella Cuccerini should have put a copyright on it…

According to the Italian pop star, Beyonce‘s highly-praised Billboard Music Awards performance for her new single “Run the World (Girls)” was a complete rip off of one of her own performances in Italy.

But this isn’t a case of delusion. With unarguable similarities, Cuccerini had to be shocked when she saw her very own routine performed by Beyonce for the BMAs.

The Improper: Signature features such as the singer sprouting wings, a wall that Beyoncé shatters and silhouettes of the singers multiplying to form armies of back up dancers are in both performances.

The only real difference is the scale. Beyonce’s set design is far more eleborate and high-tech.

Everyone’s favorite voyeur, YouTube, housed a video soon after Beyonce’s performance, showing it side-by-side with Cuccerini’s original, and the copycat is so apparent that it’s embarrassing.

It looks like even when it comes to pop choreography, there are no original ideas left.; but if you get lucky, or you’re Beyonce, you just hope the original stays hidden, as you turn it into ratings gold.

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    what a thief.. what if that italian star wanted to take her career to the U.S.. beyonce already ripped her performace