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B+Cool Launch Party: First Fashion Forward Anti-Bully Organization


Photography by Maria Uroos. Nicholas Parnell far left and Derek Warburton far right.

Derek Warburton – fashion celebrity stylist du jour, is the face of BCool’s anti-bullying campaign,who coincidentally played  host at the campaign’s launch party, this passed Thursday. Set in the glamour of his comfortable, vintage-couture duplex penthouse, in the financial district, friends and colleagues alike celebrated the onset of Bcoolnow.org a site devoted to showcasing stories from select contributors, who have had the courage to confront the bullies and fears of their pasts. Bcool.org, is a revolution in itself.

Derek Warburton is testimony, to that rising against the bully. Homeless, abused and ‘different’, since youth—he admits to having risen into wealthy, respectable spheres. He made it on his own. “It’s all about confronting those fears, and saying—‘I love you,’ back to the bully…it’s all about being strong and cool now.” Daniel attests.BCoolNow seeks to empower the victims of ‘fat’ jokes, ‘too tall’ paranoia, and a plethora of other phobias, that result from having been ‘bullied,’ discriminated against, and put down when you were young.

Them bitches are hawt...