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A.E.R. Apparent.

Photography by Gordon Ho. Derek Warburton.

If there is one thing we can all agree on in these troubled times, it is this: Cancer is bad. So when A.E.R. wants to benefit CancerCare with their second annual Walk With Style fundraiser, who would object? Certainly not supermodel Hilary Rhoda and NFL star Kerry Rhodes, who ably performed the hosting duties. Laila Azhar’s latest designs were the star in the featured runway show. Appropriate, because most of the young women in attendance looked to be her sartorial acolytes.

Not that that’s always a good thing. To be clear, the Laila Azhar line does the tight, pretty cocktail dress extremely well. The problem, as regular attendees of this sort of event already know, is that it can be dizzying to be in a room full of nothing but the girls who wear those kinds dresses, with all of the flat ironed, manicured, pressed, and glossed accoutrements that go along with it. Put another way, it’s probably not a reach to guess that at least half of the people in any given room at A.E.R. work in P.R.   Put a third way still, as one party-goer said, “The only thing worse than people who live in L.A. is people who look like they aspire to live in L.A.”

Hillary Rhoda
Hilary Rhoda.

Simon Van Kemper and Alex McCord.
Laila Azhar