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Study says shopping will extend your life.


Should you put that on your mastercard too?

Never mind having to come up with the money to buy the new goodie, the act of buying your new goodie will now add value and years to your life. Curious? Let’s take out our credit cards and walk over to the department store right this way…

newser: researchers have discovered that shopping might actually extend one’s lifespan. Men and women who shop daily live longer than those who shopped less frequently, found a study of people over the age of 65 in Taiwan. Researchers speculate that shopping likely improves exercise, social interactions, and diet, which could all contribute to a longer life,

So it’s not necessarily the actual buying of said item that lets loose all those googly feelings, but you having to get out of the house and physically expend energy. Which intuitively makes sense, because every time I get to look at my monthly finance statements, it’s like death knocking on my door one more time.

“Shopping is often for pleasure with the potential to increase psychological well being,” the researchers conclude in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Said lead researcher Dr Yu-Hung Chang: “Compared to other types of leisure-time physical activity, like formal exercise, which usually requires motivation and sometimes professional instruction, shopping activity is easier to undertake and maintain.”

Easier to undertake and maintain especially when you have a sugar daddy or mommy dealing with the burden of finding the money to pay for said goodies…but then again, we’re betting you all have a well paying job that just paid you a fat bonus to make shopping the pleasurable experience you always dreamed it to be.

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