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Releasing your inner bitch may help you land the right male…


I think there is also a disconnect between what men say they want in a woman and the type of woman they ultimately date.  In all seriousness, what guy is going to publically verbalize that the woman of his dreams is a needy, complaining, and bitchy girl?  Of course in theory every man wants a confident, successful, independent woman, but more times than not they will end up with a stage five clinger.

It does takes a strong man to handle a successful woman.  Dating a needy woman eliminates any power struggle a man might have with someone more independent.  If you are having trouble seeing this viewpoint, contemplate the Sandra Bullock and Jesse James breakup. The obvious question is “how could anyone cheat on Sandra Bullock?!”  She is simply perfect.  Well, clearly perfect is sometimes too much for a person to handle.

So where does this leave us?  I’m guessing what men really want is a woman who is neither bitchy nor needy.  The key factor in these two extremes is the thrill of the chase.  Confident, independent girls aren’t merely giving off a vibe that they don’t need a guy, they in all actuality don’t need them.  The silver lining in all this is that now women have a legitimate excuse to put on their Mariah Carey diva hats and start making demands.

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  1. This is classic rationalization and projection.

    “I’m a female…I like dominant guys…Therefore, Guys must like dominant Females! Eureka!”

    I would also suggest the author step away from the teevee and spend some time with actual men, if she wants to attract one. Dr. Phil is not a man.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This is exactly what any woman who does NOT want to mate with a male should do

  3. I think this article is not only false but is giving too much credit to these so called successful “bitches.” Guys who have girlfriends who treat them like shit are weak. If you can’t break up with a girl who treats you like shit, then that’s because you are just a pussy and couldn’t dump someone anyway, whether or not they are bitchy to you, not because their bitchiness holds some weird subconscious attraction for the guy. And the idea that bitchiness can help you get ahead like the queen who got beheaded, there was a chinese empress once who was feared just as much as the male emperors because she slaughtered just as many of thousands of innocent people. So, if you think that bitchiness to gain political agenda is good then you are just stooping to the same level of idiotic hostility as most male political figures. Women should embrace their natural motherly and peaceful intuition and try to further peaceful movement in that direction of care or one another not get so bitchy/ruthless that we finally acknowledge that they are as tough as us. Be smart, be heard, but don’t be a bitch. Who likes a bitch? Not me, I’m a dude.

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