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Peter Davis: Gossip, scandal and a tasty Yankee burger…


PD: Well, they ran a story I wasn’t pleased with and I only wish they hadn’t brought attention to it.

SCV: Oh?

PD: Of me being mugged. I didn’t want them to run it and I wish they hadn’t. I don’t think I’m Brad Pitt, in the end I’m just a normal person, who’s not interested in fame, but the body of work that I am affecting…

SCV:What are your thoughts on page 6’s new editor – Miss Emily Smith?

I have yet to meet her. But I do confess I miss Richard Johnson.

SCV: Of Gawker?

PD: Not particularly thrilled. They were quite mean to me. They set me up and used some line about how I couldn’t get into my own ‘bad party’ and that I used this horrible facetious line ‘Oh don’t you know who I am…?’

SCV: Of Guest of a Guest’s portrayal of you being part of the presumed cast of the upcoming High Society show over a year ago?

PD:Sloppy. I wasn’t thrilled, and I wish they had retracted. It was to no avail.

SCV: Talking of which…what about Paul Johnson Calderon?

PD: Well, I do wish him well and I do think he can make a turn around but I must say our friendship and relationship was overstated more than it was.

SCV: I see. I also understand there was some disconcert between yourself and High Society’s producers, especially Michael Aho….

PD: I wasn’t thrilled with the way he kept after me. He insisted that I get on board the show- and I kept saying no. He kept persisting and wouldn’t leave me alone and had at one stage started rumors to the effect that I had signed on- which were categorically not true. They only stopped after I threatened cease and desist…

SCV: Do you ever imagine yourself ever accepting a role on reality TV?

PD: No- not at all. The idea of it doesn’t thrill me. You eventually become a contrived caricature and made to look and react to things against the spirit of when it was originally filmed.

SCV: What about a campaign?

Well- maybe- if it was a reputable product and paid well.

By now our entree has arrived- the delectable Yankee burger, which includes a 6 oz beef patty with magic on a sesame bun, except Peter Davis decides to go without the bun.

PD: I go through stages, where I’ll eat everything and then where I wont eat anything. At one point my weight became dangerously low at 145 pounds, but now I’m back to a healthy 165 pounds. I think it’s a form of mind exercise that I like to put myself through…

SCV: Who’s someone you think we all ought to be paying attention to?

PD: Nicola Vassell, she’s a definitive presence in the art world. She’s today’s version of Mary Boone. We brought attention to her in the recent Avenue edition. And how do I say this delicately, I thought it was important to give Nicola presence- important that a journal like Avenue which traditionally has been the hospice of well to do uptown people extend itself to a milieu of characters and energies beyond what it may be accustomed to.

SCV: Talking of championing people tell me about Olivia Palermo.

PD: I started it.



  1. @Jakob, surely you had to realize, assuming you read more than the first few sentences of this article, that its author isn’t from Brooklyn (though me may currently live there). Have a look at paragraph 3, where he mentions quite clearly that he’s Australian. So, it would stand reason, his writing bears that inflection.

    Just because someone chooses to break from the standardized gossip blog form norm of ‘Short. Choppy. Sentences.’ doesn’t mean, ipso facto, that they’re pretentious.

    But besides that, even if you disagree with the author’s writing style, we can both be assured that you’ll remember it. Which, I’d submit to your holier-than-thou judgment, is kind of the point of it.

    @Chris London, while I agree that this piece certainly portrays Peter in a very good light, I also don’t necessarily see what’s wrong with that. Surely we’re not to believe that we’re always obliged to write borderline insulting articles about subjects we’re profiling, simply because we belong to that nefarious breed of writer known only as the ‘gossip blogger.’

    As a blogger myself, I should like to think that portraying a subject positively remains well within my editorial discretion — without my article’s journalistic validity and its conclusions being attacked with a circumstantial ad hominem.

  2. Im also 100% in Love with living in BK.
    HIpster pride!!

    Thanks for reading the article everyone!

  3. Unfortunately For Jakob I have got nothing but Love From Peter regarding my photos. He told me personally he loved them and appreciated how good he looked in them.

    As for being Fired… hahaha

  4. Johnny- according to Jakob you are now officially fired darling.- The Editor…

    ps- you better not be from Brooklyn!- Our reputation depends on it…

  5. as the above poster said, your writing reeks of feces. honestly, truly, terrible.

    it’s pretentious and vapid.

    you are from brooklyn you ghastly man, have you no pride? kill that pretension and exaggerated, poncy, wordplay and maybe just maybe you could write for some teen publication or something.

  6. Unbelievable is a jealous boy that is in need of drastic attention!!!!! Great article and Peter is fabulous!

  7. To the “Unbelievable” poster (i.e., douche) above, you need to read more or maybe not actually, I could point you to some fashion and celebrity worship blogs which are among the most poorly written crap that I have seen outside a bathroom at a gas station on I-95. And I am talking ones so bad and odorous that not even George Michael would cruise them if they were filled with 22 year old buff well endowed male porno stars. I am telling you. For example, go read http://www.micahjesse.com but not without a barf bag or toilet paper.

    The foregoing being said, while i would happily share a burger with either Peter Davis or Christopher Koulouris, I was left with the rather perplexing thought after reading this piece of social journalism whether when you give another stylish social journalist what amounts to head what is proper etiquette? Do you do it standing up, kneeling or seated?

    And if you are a blog publisher trolling about the city scape at odd hours, writing at even stranger hours, do you do take a break from your hectic schedule, get a haircut, shave and otherwise clean up, dress nicely for Mr. Davis?

    Do you put on lipstick like Malik So Freak. After all Peter is a good looking, well styled dude about town so I am sure before you dropped, metaphorically speaking, I hope that you shaved and had your Sunday best on.

  8. yo unbelievable. what are u 9yr old? sounds like some childhood best friend envy to me.
    get a life,

  9. You are without a doubt, one of the worst writers on the internet today. I can’t believe Peter even let you “interview” him.

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