Home Scandal and Gossip One in eight New Yorkers are on prescription pills.

One in eight New Yorkers are on prescription pills.


Isn’t it time you got narced up too?

Have you ever wondered why people are getting crazier in NYC and how they with all that craziness? Well perhaps this little snippet courtesy of the Wall St Journal Journal goes some way in revealing how us New Yorkers are managing with our lot- but either way- it doesn’t look very good.

wsj: The prescription drug abuse epidemic in New York City is escalating, with the number of prescriptions for oxycodone doubling citywide during the past three years, the city’s special narcotics prosecutor testified Tuesday.

In 2010, more than 1 million prescriptions for oxycodone—the generic name for an opiate-based pain reliever commonly prescribed as OxyContin—were filled in the five boroughs, Bridget Brennan, the city’s special narcotics prosecutor, told the City Council’s Public Safety Committee.

That equates to one prescription for every eight people in New York City, or 13% of the total population.

Why bother cleaning the streets of supposed drug addicts and dealers when the real drug addicts are the ones who talk a mean game but hopelessly give in behind closed doors.

Shouldn’t you make an appointment to see your local dealer doctor soon too?