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Mephedrone- Your new legal high has finally arrived.


_47095257_007780679-1Making sure you are perpetually off your face in America.

Out of Britain today comes the intriguing tale of a ‘fun’ new drug that we already know you are going to be running into back alleys and ritzy disco ball rooms to acquire. It’s called Mephedrone and from what we can tell it packs a wallop, leaves your heart racing faster than a turbo jet on auto ¬†and not to mention the degeneration of your organs. That said, that shouldn’t deter you from having the fun you deserve.

Writes the BBC.

“For a drug that’s been around for a relatively short amount of time, mephedrone has certainly made a big impact on the dance drug scene.”

Wow, just the way we like our drugs, wild and wacky and of course popular. Continues the BBC.

UK’s ‘favourite new drug’

Mephedrone is usually snorted although it can also be taken in pill form, mixed with a drink or, in rare cases, injected.

It is sold online through dozens of dedicated websites as a “plant food” to get round the Medicines Act, although it has no known use as a fertilizer.

Fertilizer? Wow, why not? As long as it gets me high right kids?

“The first thing I noticed was that I couldn’t urinate at all,” said Danny, 24, from Colchester. “My heart was beating really fast and I was sweating badly.

“It’s very moreish and you constantly want to re-dose. I ended up buying five grams and went on a two-day bender on it.”

So it comes with a few inconveniences. Oh well- it is a drug after all. Did we say the word drug?

Other anecdotal reports suggest heavy use can lead to paranoia, hallucinations and serious panic attacks.

Ok, panic attacks are bad, but surely there are other drugs around for panic attacks?

“We suspect that mephedrone and five other compounds in the same family are different versions of classical amphetamines and have all the problems associated with that: hyper excitability, aggression, heart problems and a high liability to dependence and addiction.”

Addiction? Who said anything about addiction. I’ll just use it on the weekends before eventually morphing into a full junkie and then I’ll come back and re read this article and do it all over again…




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