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Hamptons Millionaire set to build a 10ft TV screen in his garden to the dismay of locals.


Millionaire venture capitalist Christopher Burch wants you to know, he has enough money to build a $200,000  10-foot-tall television in his Southhampton garden; expressing an interest in using the massive screen for movies and sporting events.

Neighbors, and other members of the community are furious, explaining that a giant ‘drive-in screen’ doesn’t fit the ambiance of their affluent community.

Daily Mail UK: The proposals submitted feature scenes from the film ‘Avatar’ on the TV screens and the imags tower above the hedges around Mr Burch’s property.

Although Mr.Burch, ex-husband of designer Tory Burch, says the system will be used for art.  A spokesman for the screen’s maker, of course, heartily agrees saying:

Scott Casselman, a spokesman for the screen’s maker, Multimedia LED, said the TV would be perfect for video installations.

‘How beautiful would it be to have a Monet in your back yard?’ he said.

Translation: Resident summer-ers of the Hamptons, think  about it. Wouldn’t you love a Monet or Van Gogh in your back yard, too? It’s just a $200,000 art investment.

We’ll be looking forward to Southhampton’s outdoor back yard art museum.

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  • Anonymous

    There are many more of these arrogantly rich, self-absorbed megalomaniacs in the Hamptons who have no regard for anyone else. He’s just another example.