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Allie Rizzo: Super Model or What? ‘I ain’t taking your shit…’


We sit down by the bar where she orders us a pair of drinks but not before a pair of well wishers converge on her. She greets them effortlessly, yet part of me is wondering if this is one of the job hazards of being one of the most beautiful women in the city/America or even better the fiance of one of the co owners – the affable and high profile Scott Sartiano (whom I later find out through my own research is an intellectual sort- which kind of makes sense since his fiance sitting in front of me is quite the thinker herself, as I soon will find out….)

SCV: Do you seriously know half the people who come up to you?

She thinks for a moment:

AR: I have a reputation with certain people of being dismissive and that can seem really bitchy. I get along with all people who are nice and kind. I am just very picky about who i spend my time with and if i don’t click with people i don’t waste my time. I value the people I connect with because its a rare thing for me.

SCV: Which suggests you don’t really care too much about the ‘scene’?

AR: Let’s just say- I don’t buy into the hoopla, and really at the end of the day- sometimes its easier to play the game then resist- because having to resist takes so much energy, where as a quick hello is over and done with.

SCV: How do you feel about your success, your over arching exposure, all the campaigns?

AR: I tell you- I appreciate it, and the freedom of mobility that such work brings (daily modeling gigs for the likes of



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