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Allie Rizzo: Super Model or What? ‘I ain’t taking your shit…’


see me- you will see that I’m always listening to my Ipod all day long. It helps keep me focused, away from the distractions that go on around me- I just block it out.

SCV: What do you play?

AR: Rock. All day long. I was brought up with it. Songs I’m currently into.

Rolling stones- wild horses

fleetwood mac- no questions asked

kings of leon -pickup truck

tom petty- it’ll all work out

yeasayer- i remember

SCV: Define beauty.

AR: That’s so subjective. In the end it’s inner qualities. But in an industry like modeling and fashion- it’s the external that counts, what people perceive to be beautiful. One thing I’ve learnt is that every client has their vision of beauty and if you end up going to a casting full of blonde girls it could well be that’s what the client deems beautiful. It’s not a reflection on you.

SCV: Have you ever thought about doing anything other than modeling?

AR: I’m kind of trapped. Where else are you going to make this type of money and afford yourself the financial freedom? I think in the end- I will continue to do this for as long as I can and then hopefully come out ahead with a nice nest egg and settle in the country and have a family.

SCV: Are there designers/clients you wont work for?

AR: No- I will work for anyone as long as the pay is right. But that’s not to say I’ve been put in unsavory positions where clients, photographers have said insinuating things, suggested I hang out with them and I have to wonder- would they say that to you if it was a normal nine to five job. I think in this field, people somehow give themselves license to not behave appropriately.

SCV: Do you consider yourself a supermodel?

AR: No.

SCV: But then are people who would argue otherwise…

AR: You know I have been fortunate to sustain this career for 7 years, and really get to do a lot of wonderful work and make a great living.



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