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Allie Rizzo: Super Model or What? ‘I ain’t taking your shit…’


but in her interviews she’s so intelligent and has decent points to make. Its sad but her poise is so rare. I’m never really a fan of anyone but whenever i see her its like ok i get the hype. I might have a girl crush haha.

SCV: Do you think you’re charismatic?

AR: Nope not really. I’m pretty boring. I think that’s why I am drawn to really strong people. I like people I can learn from and get better from knowing. I hold friends to high standards once we are close. I love the Pride and Prejudice quote- “my good opinion once lost, is lost forever’ is so true for me.

SCV: What are your thoughts about the modeling world?

AR: It can make or break you. I have seen so many girls end up becoming druggies, hanger ons and completely lost and sucked in and spat right out, replaced by the next pretty thing, and then I have seen girls who have held themselves, worked out what was in front of them and worked very hard to realize opportunities. It’s a business at the end of the day, and if you think it’s anything but you are setting yourself up for disappointment and even failure.

SCV: So I take it you don’t get lost in the scene?

AR: Ha- I have as I already said- I have a very low tolerance for bullshit.

At that moment a bunch of guys standing by the bar begin to play a mating ritual scene of sorts, where one particular big spender makes airs about ordering a bunch of drinks but not before finally turning away and tipping the bartender a scant dollar bill. We both start laughing uncontrollably.

I try to give myself a healthy distance from all of this. If you



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