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Your new drug container is finally here. Meet GrindTainer.


When preserving the freshness of your good shit requires some extra thought.

Finally a new product is on the market to help all you cannabis users preserve the meticulous experiences you have come to savor…

Tokeofthetown.com The GrindTainer offers multifunctional use, including a built-in grinder for ease of breaking down herbs, as well as a patented Separ-Eighth Divider which allows the large size GrindTainer to accommodate two different strains in the one container.

Who would of have thought some of you out there have spent countless hours perfecting the experience of certain preferred experiences…

If you’re accustomed to a luxury metal grinder as I am (I use The Notch™), you’ll probably feel some skepticism when you look at the GrindTainer, made of 100 percent recyclable propylene plastic. I had a few moments of doubt, too.

Doubt? What doubt. Kids this new invention aims to make sure the next time you savor the good shit -heaven will be rolling in front and behind the back of your eye balls…

Then I actually tried the unit. It works like a charm! Not only did it do a great job of grinding up the sticky icky, but I may actually prefer (for joint-rolling purposes, at least) the slightly larger pieces of herb left by the GrindTainer.

You see, heaven comes to those with patience and a good carrying container…

“The GrindTainer is more than a multifunctional package,” is is the new face of medical marijuana,” Dragon Chewer said. “AND, they are made in the U.S.A.”

Shouldn’t you be racing to buy your new cannabis container too?

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