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Is America’s Attitude Towards Weed Changing?

Changing attitudes towards weed
America's changing attitudes towards weed.
Changing attitudes towards weed
America’s changing attitudes towards weed.

America’s changing attitudes towards weed: How the preparation, acquisition of cannabis products serves to underly health benefits as dissenting voices are challenged. 

At the moment, you can legally purchase cannabis for recreational use in 17 states and buy medical marijuana in 35 states in America. In the coming years, the number of states where people can purchase marijuana products legally is expected to increase. America’s friendly neighbors Canada legalized the sale of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes in 2018. 

America’s war on drugs, just like most countries around the globe, has failed. Authorities have struggled to stop cannabis from hitting the streets, so instead of fighting a losing battle, many states have allowed authorized dealers to sell the substance. So, have the new, relaxed laws surrounding one of the world’s most controversial plants changed American’s attitude towards the substance?

Cannabis Activists 

Marijuana enthusiasts around America have been working hard to legalize cannabis for years. They have organized rallies, contacted politicians, been involved in court cases, etc. to help change the law. Many people are surprised by the recent changes, especially over the last decade or so. However, they are not the only people making a lot of noise. 

There are plenty of people on the other side of the fence who feel legalizing the substance will have a negative impact on society. Many believe that cannabis is a highly addictive drug, and it will encourage young people to experiment with harder drugs. Even with all the evidence available nowadays proving the health benefits of cannabis products, some people will never agree that they should be available for medicinal or recreational use. A lot of people put all drugs into the same category and consider cannabis to be just as dangerous and as addictive as opioids, heroin, and cocaine. Some of these people refuse to have an open mind, even if there are people who use cannabis to help treat a physical or mental illness. 

Has the Pandemic affected the way American’s view Weed?

One of the biggest challenges experts came across during the pandemic, especially during lockdown, was trying to convince people to stay at home. Experts advised people to stay indoors to help rescue the spread of Covid-19, but motivating people to do so was not that easy. 

Some businesses were forced to close, however, others were classed as stores that sold essential items so they were allowed to remain open. Most dispensaries were allowed to stay open for business, so people could purchase weed products like this jack haze strain. Lots of dispensaries provided a delivery service for their customers, so people didn’t have to leave the house when they wanted to stock up on fresh buds. Many people who use cannabis products have underlying health problems, so they really couldn’t risk leaving the house in case they contracted Covid-19, so having their weed delivered to them was vital. 

Allowing people to consume cannabis during these unprecedented times is a great way to encourage people to stay indoors. Rather than sitting inside with nothing to do, cannabis made the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. Other states, especially in states that have had high Covid-19 cases thought about changing their laws during the pandemic and speeding up the legalization process. The impact the virus had on America’s economy is devastating, and experts know that legalizing cannabis can generate a lot of much needed tax money

Buying Weed from a Dispensary is very different to Buying Weed on the Black Market

People who are against legalizing cannabis, often have an image of buying cannabis from a violent criminal. Even in the past, this was rarely the case, but in areas where you can purchase pot from an authorized dealer, this couldn’t be any further from reality. 

The atmosphere in most dispensaries is friendly and welcoming. Employees working in these stores often have incredible customer service skills and they understand everything about the different products they have for sale in their store.

Changing attitudes towards weed
America’s changing attitudes towards weed. Image via PBS.

If you think you are going to buy pot from a person carrying a gun down a dark alley, perhaps it’s time to stop watching Hollywood movies and check it out yourself. The customers you will come across inside a dispensary might shock you. Don’t be surprised if you see a ninety year old lady purchasing weed to help with her glaucoma, or a professional athlete looking for CBD products to help improve their training. Although the stereotypical stoner still exists, there are people using cannabis products from all different walks of life. Weed store dispensaries take their products and customers very seriously. 

Health Benefits

A lot of people who suffer from health problems have been encouraged to use cannabis products to help treat their condition. Some people who were against the idea of legalizing marijuana all of a sudden found themselves using the substance regularly. This is one of the main reasons why so many Americans are changing the way they look at weed. 

Some people have tried almost every medicine available to help treat a health problem but have failed to find something that works. Often, cannabis is the last resort for these folks, and many are shocked about the impact the substance has on their lives. Some people who have been struggling with chronic pain were unable to get out of bed until they tried cannabis.

Changing perceptions towards cannabis
Changing attitudes towards weed: tasty cannabis-laced edibles is one way to consume THC products.

One of the factors a lot of people worry about is getting stoned. Some people have spent their entire lives avoiding getting high, and all of a sudden they are told by an expert that cannabis might help with their condition. The thing that most people don’t understand is that if you are suffering from a serious condition, you will barely feel the psychoactive effects of the weed. It will just help you feel normal again and allow you to go on with your daily tasks. 

You don’t have to Smoke a Joint to consume Cannabis

A lot of people assume the only method to consume cannabis is by smoking a marijuana joint. Cigarettes have a terrible reputation around the world, and rightfully so. Tobacco is the most dangerous substance in the world and people often think that the two are related. However, very few people put tobacco into their weed joints nowadays and there is plenty of rolling paper available that uses safer paper in comparison to paper found in traditional cigarettes. 

There are plenty of other, safer ways that allow you to consume cannabis including the following:

  • Vaping: There are lots of vaping devices on the market that allow people to vape THC and CBD products.
  • Edibles: Most well-established dispensaries stock a wide variety of tasty cannabis-laced edibles. These are great for those with a sweet tooth who don’t like the idea of smoking. If you try edibles for the first time, don’t eat a lot at once. It can take time for the effect to begin, so try to remain patient.
  • Capsules: Just like any capsules available in your local pharmacy, most dispensaries have cannabis-laced capsules. You should avoid taking these capsules on an empty stomach.
  • Bongs: The problem with smoking joints is that the rolling paper used can cause harm. To smoke joints without rolling paper you can use a bong. Bongs are available in all shapes and sizes, and they are readily available in most dispensers. If you want to save some money, you can easily make your own bong.

In recent years there are more and more devices arriving on the market designed for people to consume cannabis. In the next few years, don’t be too surprised if you see a wide range of new items.